Hardstyle 1

Hardstyle 1


Avenger Expansion Pack

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Mirko Ruta and Manuel Schleis teamed up to achieve the highest production level and to have a very wide variety of sounds as an Hardstyle expansion for your Avenger synth. But we know what you all want: Kicks, Kicks and more Kicks... so they are there in 2 forms: Every key multisampled or directly built from sinewaves with Avenger's vast effect-chain and modulation possibilities. In either way you can play them melodic in any desired key. Of course this pack is perfect for all other (harder) genres too, like Progressive Trance, Dubstep or Complextro House. Go get it if you dare!


  • 136 Avenger presets
  • 15 additional drumkits
  • 15 additional drum sequences
  • 39 additional multisamples
  • 41 additional osc-shapes
  • 51 additional wavetables

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