Low Tides
release date: 24.04.2023

Low Tides

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Delay-free spectrum analyzer with single Hz precision

Low Tides is a spectrum analyzer that enhances the standard FFT technique and has the ability to respond to frequency changes very quickly while maintaining accuracy and precision. This is crucial for instruments like drums, which frequently start out with a strong pitch bend. A typical FFT won't display a changing peak in this scenario; instead, it will appear smeared. This is a problem since the smearing effect conceals real peaks that are also moving, such the kick's overtones.

Low Tides GUI Screen

  • Smart. Simple. Sexy. - Low Tides uses advanced signal processing to display frequencies with 80% less latency compared to industry standard tools. It features an intuitive interface to complement your creative flow and looks beautiful while doing it!

  • Speed Matters - Typical spectrum analyzers have up to half a second of latency, making it incredibly difficult to track down split-second issues in the mix. Low Tides fixes this, with a latency of less than the blink of an eye. This translates to better mixes and a smoother creative workflow.

  • Emphasis on Instruments - Most instruments start in the 20Hz to 2kHz range. Low Tides zooms into this range with 2.5x the resolution compared to industry leading analysis software. This, coupled with powerful harmonic inspection tools makes Low Tides the most effective way to analyze tracks within your DAW.

Low Tides Comparison Image

  • It’s Fast - See frequencies as you hear them! No need to settle for metering tools that are out of sync with audio. Best in class latency makes Low Tides is the most effective way to visualize audio in production and broadcast settings.

  • Optimal for Bass - Analyze low frequencies with industry leading precision! Low Tides zooms into your track’s bass with 2.5X the resolution compared to industry standard tools at maximum settings.

  • Always Innovative - Davisynth takes a research-first approach to product design, using cutting edge signal processing to push the boundary of what is possible.


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  • macOS 10.9 or higher
  • Intel or Apple Silicon


  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Intel or AMD CPU
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