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The only synthesizer you need

LUSH-2 isn’t based off of one machine. It’s built from modules that can be found in many modern virtual synths, combined into one compact, logical layout. Don’t let its looks fool you: Though it may look benign at first, its modular, multilayer architecture takes it beyond simplistic poly-synths to the top shelf of extremely powerful, deeply programmable, yet devilishly versatile instruments in your arsenal.

The multilayer architecture guarantees that both the sound design possibilities and the number of unique situations in which LUSH-2 can be used are virtually limitless. Multitimbral sounds can be quickly created by simply assigning any (or all) of the 8 layers to the same MIDI channel; this can result in anything from subtle chorusing to sonic anarchy! Assigning the layers to different keyboard zones allows you to create sophisticated splits, and an entire split-zone preset library exists to get you started. Of course, you can always assign various layers to different MIDI channels for 8-part multitimbral usage, and send out up to 11 Audio Outputs.

With all of these splits, layers, multitimbral options and routing capabilities, there’s no end to what you can do with just a single instance of LUSH. With each layer working as an independent synthesizer with its own polyphony, parameters, enhanced arp and a choice between 8 of the finest insert effects, LUSH-2 lets you reach “unheard of” creativity.

Lush 2 Gui

Want to get weird? In addition to a very sophisticated MIDI-learn implementation, an advanced modulation matrix is built into each layer. Even the Arpeggiator’s MIDI output can be used as a modulation source, allowing for complex sequences and refreshingly odd progressions.

LUSH also comes complete with a powerful built-in mixer, complete with layer-independent parametric equalizers and compressors that can be rearranged. Volume, Pan and superb send effects allow you to put the finishing touches on the final output.

LUSH can sit in any seat at the genre table. The Gate can be used instead of the VCA for instant staccato sounds for energetic Funk and rhythmic pockets. For Ambient or Chillout, drag out the attack and release times along with our smooth, rich & spacious built-in reverb to satisfy even the most ardent purists. Is Dubstep or Drum & Bass more your speed? No problem! Filters modulated by the LFOs and envelopes in conjunction with Unison mode can lead your creativity with the nastiest leads*, and base your sound in the most gnarly basses - you and your sound system will be pleasantly confused as to what hit it, so watch out! No matter what (or how) you want to play it, LUSH will get the sound.

Key Features

  • Multi-core support for computers equipped with multi-core processors for better performance.

  • Multilayer architecture with 8 independent Layers (per-layer properties)

  • Synthesis: Oscillators (Saw, PWM, Noise), with Supersaw and HardSync options, sub oscillator (5 waveforms)

  • Insert effects (selectable algorithms): chorus, string ensemble, phaser, flanger, distortion, vowel filter, decimator, tremolo

  • Modulation Matrix (modulation sources): Note velocity, pitch bend, modulation wheel, expression pedal, sustain pedal, and more

  • Arpeggiator: Step sequencer (Gate and Tie per step), 6 Run modes (Up, Down, Up and Down, Down and Up, Random, Manual), Chord mode (Gater)

  • Mixer: Parametric EQs (1 per channel strip), Compressors (1 per channel strip), Send FX’s (Reverb, Chorus, Delay with tempo sync)

  • Presets: Over 1600 factory presets, 5 preset categories (whole synth, single layer, Arpeggiator, Reverb, Delay), Advanced, file-based preset browser

  • Miscellaneous: Advanced MIDI learn, Parameter mapping for VST / AU automation, Selectable GUI size

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  • macOS 10.7 - 10.15
  • 32 bit & 64 bit
  • RAM: 8GB (16 GB recommended) 


  • Windows 7 - 10
  • 32 bit & 64 bit
  • RAM: 8GB (16 GB recommended)
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