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PSP MasterComp - high fidelity dynamics processor

Its double-precision (64-bit floating point) and double-sampled (FAT - Frequency Authentication Technique) processing offers transparency even at extreme compression settings and high sample rates.

PSP MasterComp installer includes two version of the plug-in:

  • PSP MasterComp - which is mainly designed for mastering compression and expansion and

  • PSP MicroComp - disgined for using on buses and track processing during mixing

MasterComp Gui

PSP MasterComp

  • Total high frequency transparency

  • Low distortion due to Smooth Level Detector

  • Optional automatic attack and release times

  • Wide range of controls for mastering

  • Over threshold compression and expansion

  • Advanced side chain filtering, channel linking and compression tilting controls

  • Mix control for blending between signals

  • Optional high quality brick wall output limiter with automatic release time

  • Advanced PPM/VU meters with contextual readings and adjustable parameters

  • Selectable channel processing:
    Mid, Side, Left, Right or Stereo

PSP MicroComp

  • Simple and effective control layout.

  • CPU efficient algorithm optimized for mixing purposes.

  • Low distortion thanks to optional Smooth Level Detector algorithm

  • Optional automatic release time

  • Wide range of controls dedicated for mixing purposes

  • Over threshold compression and expansion

  • Basic side chain filtering and channel linking controls

  • Advanced PPM/VU meters with contextual readings and adjustable operation parameters

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  • macOS 10.8 or higher
  • Intel processor


  • Windows 7-10
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