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Medieval Life - Construction Kit
release date: 16.01.2019

Medieval Life - Construction Kit

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Authentic SFX, ambiences and textures from middle ages

Ever struggled to find unobtrusive sounds without any traffic noise to create historic backgrounds? Well we did, so we decided to create a library to address that.

Medieval Life construction kit

countless design possibilities

  • Medieval Life - Construction Kit with hundreds of single stereo source sounds from the categories action, craft, animal, work, voice, mechanical as well as hundreds of location recordings (some of them in Stereo and 5.0 Surround sound) has a size of more than 34GB.

Ideal for historical and fictional games, movies and TV

  • Medieval Life - Construction Kit is a real treasure when it comes to quickly designing the background ambience of a movie or game scene

  • As the sounds are meant to create a convincing background soundscape, the source sounds were recorded in distance to the microphone to capture the original medieval environments and to provide you with a nice open room environment right from the start without having to add complex synthetic reverb or impulse responses

Build peaceful villages or bustling town centres 

  • Close your eyes and imagine the manifold sound atmosphere of medieval places

  • Imagine farms with cackling chicken, the mowing of sheep, the noise of trotting horse hooves, the opening and closing of old doors and an axe chopping some wood in the background. In the cities and castles, imagine the echoes of distant persons, the shouting of street vendors, the rattling of iron chains and the constant hammering of the blacksmith

  • We have recorded the sound of this historical era for you with many facets

Included Sounds - Keywords

medieval, action, barrow, wooden, wheeler, rattle, metal, chains, doors, animals, cows, gos, ducks, gooses, horses, pigs, swords, knifes, iron, hammering, hitting, clashing, craft, stones, bricks, city, backstreet, mumbling, farmyard, chickens, cockerel, marketplace, talking, camping, ambient, shouting, farmhouses, working, historical, backgrounds, dark age, markets, life, places, atmos, courtyards, middle ages, atmosphere

1500+ ROYALTY-FREE SOUND FX • 400+ WAV FILES • 96kHz/24bit • 4.1GB

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