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Ample Acoustic Guitar v3 Free Update

Ample Sound Acoustic Guitar Free Update

Ample Sound released a major update for their 4 acoustic guitars. It is free for users of AGM, AGL, AGT & AG12 and can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website.

New features within the v3 engine include:

  • Higher efficiency of reading and playback samples
  • Revised design including GPU acceleration
  • Brand new FX DSP system: high-quality 8-band EQ, 2-line compressor with real-time visualization & 6-tap echo with real-time visualization
  • IR Reverb, which offers four types of IR: Room, studio, hall and larger hall
  • Extended capodaster setting options
  • Brand new Preset Manager & Sample Editor
  • The fingerboard is extended to 24 frets
  • Improved "Riffer Dice" function
  • VST3 support

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