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Forest Kingdom 3 - Free Update

Forest KIngdom 3 Update

Forest Kingdom 3 - Free Update for Existing Users

With the recently released Forest Kingdom 3 Library, Eduardo Tarilonte has once again proven that he is indeed among the masters of cinematic sampling - especially when it comes to authentic and superbly playable woodwind instruments.

Forest Kingdom 3 has been a great success already, but the master is by no means resting on his laurels. Instead, Eduardo used the time since the release to develop a new update that, in addition to workflow improvements, also provides another instrument - the Ultrabass Bamboo Native American Flute.

The Ultrabass flute in D, is a rare Native American flute. With a height of 1.05 m and a diameter of 8 cm, it produces a deep, relaxing and at the same time mellow sound. It is the perfect addition to the Native American Flutes included in Forest Kingdom 3.

Update Overview:

  • New (D Ultrabass) Bamboo Native American Flute

  • We changed the blow intensity animation to better illustrate the middle position

  • Incorrect sequence of displayed graphics of Native American Flutes and Xiao Flute fixed

  • Improvements to various instruments

The update is available as a full download in your Best Service account or via our Update Installer.

Discover the new sounds and features today!

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