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Sonible smart:EQ 4

Sonible smart eq 4

Sonible smart:EQ 4 stands out as a sophisticated equalizer, employing intelligent analysis of your audio content and harnessing the power of AI to achieve a flawless tonal balance while addressing spectral issues.

This cutting-edge tool is not confined to individual channels; it boasts hierarchical control, allowing seamless management of multiple tracks through automated spectral mixing. Unlike traditional EQs that process mixes without considering the overall context, smart:EQ 4 takes a holistic approach.

To enhance your workflow, you can effortlessly control numerous instances of smart:EQ 4 remotely from a single plug-in window, ensuring a comprehensive overview during your mixing sessions.

World's first multitrack EQ – Sonible smart:EQ 4 Features

  • smart:filter technology creates spectral balance in individual tracks/busses/entire mixes and enables intelligent cross-channel processing between instances
  • Spectral mixing via drag & drop - group view for creating an unmasking hierarchy of up to ten tracks
  • "Remote control" of EQs of multiple tracks from any instance of the same group
  • Large selection of profiles for instruments, voice and entire mixes
  • Create custom profiles from reference tracks
  • Dynamic processing for standard filters with threshold, ratio, attack and release controls
  • Selectable processing mode for the smart:filter (Track, Group, Track & Group)
  • Auto gain, comprehensive M/S processing, smart states
  • User-defined learning time for the smart:filter calculation

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