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Soniccouture Pan Drums II

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Pan Drums II by Soniccouture is a comprehensive collection of sound instruments inspired by handmade, unique steel drums.

Ever since the Hang was invented in the year 2000, handpans have bewitched musicians with their mournful and expressive percussion. Pan Drums II gives you the entire spectrum of different pan sounds, in any key you need, ready in your DAW.

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This library offers a wide range of melodic and percussive sounds, ranging from gentle, soothing tones to lively, rhythmic textures. Featuring high-quality recordings and an intuitive user interface, Pan Drums II provides musicians and producers with the ability to create authentic and captivating sonic experiences.

Soniccouture Pan Drums II - Overview:

  • Authentic and detailed samples of handcrafted steel drums
  • A diverse range of melodic and percussive articulations
  • Customizable controls for shaping and manipulating sounds
  • Flexible performance options for live playing and sequencing
  • Compatible with major DAWs and virtual instrument platforms
  • Ideal for various musical genres, from ambient to world music

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