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XLN Audio: Life

Life XLN Audio NewsLife by XLN Audio introduces an innovative sampling tool that pioneers creative possibilities through the power of machine learning.

Life makes it easy to capture moments and instantly create beats that breathe life into your music. The digital Life Field Recorder is an iOS and Android compatible app that allows you to capture everyday sounds with a phone and transfer them to the Life audio plugin immediately or later.

This smart plugin shortens the path from experiencing the moment to integrating the sound into your next beat. Whether it's a dripping tap, kitchen appliances or the crackling of an amplifier - the sound recorded with the cell phone app appears immediately on your computer.

Beats can also be created automatically with any audio recording. The software offers endless variations and functions such as sound variation and pattern variation to refine the result. Even deeper edits such as slice edits, density, syncopation and symmetry can be performed with ease thanks to the simple workflow.

XLN Audio Life - Key Features:

  • Intuitive sequencer 
  • Life Field Recorder app 
  • High-quality integrated effects
  • Density, syncopation and symmetry function
  • Standalone or plugin operation

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