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OscilloscopeMulti GUI

OsciloscopeMulti - all-at-once waveform visualizer

With this plugin you can monitor and analyse several waveform details of multiple tracks at the same time.

It offers stereo or mid-side channels waveform extraction, as well as zooming and precise measurement capabilities to analyse waveforms in details. The XY phase scope view will help you track phase issues within an effect chain or while recording with multiple microphones.

The additional histogram display complements the toolset to check the average peak level. Four additional memory slots let you store any waveform in memory: it helps you make comparisons between several setups or portions of your audio project very easily.

Main Features

  • Multiple tracks oscilloscope: visualize and compare the waveform of several audio tracks

  • Histogram display

  • Dual channel XY phasescope view (Lissajous) for easy mono compatibility issues detection

  • Latency compensation capability to align waveforms

  • Choose a name for each curve for easier sharing

  • Precise measurement capabilities

  • Save the curves for easy A/B comparison

  • Left-Right or Mid-Side operation modes

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  • macOS 10.9 or higher
  • Intel processor
  • standalone: Core Audio-compatible audio interface 


  • An SSE2-enabled processor (Pentium 4 or higher).
  • Windows 8 - 10
  • standalone: ASIO-, MME- or WASAPI-compatible audio-interface (ASIO recommended)


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