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Pumper 3

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AAX Native, AU, Mac, VST2, Win
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Harder. Better. Stronger.

Once again, they succeeded. Following the success of "Pumper," W.A. Production decided to step up their game and give you even more control over the punch and power of your sounds. Their team worked diligently on Pumper 3 for a very long time as wthey e added new capabilities while maintaining the previous plugin's excellent performance parameters. The final product is a multi-effect powerhouse that attains the level of immediacy, body, and depth that the listeners need and that their tracks merit.

The Compressor, Saturator, and Stereo Imager modules from the original are expanded upon in this, their most frequently requested upgrade, along with additional options to fine-tune the processing.


  • 50 Creative Presets for drums, vocals, synth, bass, acoustic, keys and mastering

  • 4 Compression types with adjustable RMS

  • One-click parallel compression

  • Hard & soft clip saturation with transient and character controls

  • Stereo Imager with frequency focus

  • Per-module and master gain controls

  • Real-time waveform display

  • Resizability



The compression module has 4 flexible modes:

  • Punchy Mode gives you that direct punch and clarity. This is great for kick drums or percussion.

  • Fat will help to bring out the bottom end of your audio and make it sound big.

  • Clean is more transparent and perfect for adding cohesion. Great for softer vocals or acoustic instruments.

  • Soft is wonderful to use on your master channel. Subtle compression makes everything sound tighter, increasing clarity without sucking the life out of your mix.


Add warmth and depth with subtle saturation settings, or push the dial up high for pronounced distortion with a harder edge.

The new Rise and Fall settings allow you to shape transients and smooth out the character of the saturation, both essential controls for fine-tuning the performance of any audio.

Stereo Imager

Bring your tracks to life with the Stereo Image control, adding beautifully clear width and depth. Unique to Pumper 3, the dedicated Low and High shelf modes, alongside frequency and resonance controls, allow you to focus the width processing to specific frequency ranges. Use these settings to emphasise the unique characteristics of a sound.

All in one

Using these 3 modules simultaneously within one plugin is quick, easy and inspiring.

Each module has a dedicated input control for balancing the effects and the real-time waveform window shows a visual representation of your audio, both before and after processing. Essential for accurate A/Bing to check the results of Pumper 3’s processing power.

50 factory presets are designed to get you up and running quickly, with tailored settings for drums, vocals, bass, keys, synths, acoustic instruments and mastering. These are all easily accessible from the plugin menu and of course, you can save you own settings as user presets too.

Pumper 3 is a big leap above and beyond the first version. If you’ve used and enjoyed the original Pumper in the past, this is a perfect upgrade with expanded features and more nuanced controls. If you’re new to this kind of processing, then Pumper 3 is a great starting point, with interface controls as simple or complex as you want it to be. W.A. have been using Pumper 3 to beef up their kicks, expand synth lines and widen guitars. It’s your one-stop-shop for creating tracks that will engage and excite your listeners.

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  • macOS 10.15 or higher
  • 64 bit


  • Windows 8 or higher
  • 64 bit
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