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Punch 2

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AAX Native, AU, Mac, VST2, VST3, Win

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AAX Native, AU, Mac, VST2, VST3, Win

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Sampled and Synthesized Drums

The original Rob Papen Punch virtual drum machine made its mark on the map through a combination of professionally designed drum synthesis/samples and the built-in pattern sequencer. Now, by adding even more drum synthesis models, and introducing a fresh, re-designed main screen which allows you to quickly form unique new drum kits, Rob Papen Punch 2 continues its legacy to be a cutting edge drum machine... but with lots of extra added punch!

It doesn't stop there though; the interface and the synthesis sound options have been expanded greatly. Rob Papen Punch 2 now allows you to import your own samples and REX files so you can create your own loops using whatever samples you'd like. You can map out REX files or sample slices to individual pads and combine these creatively with the sounds & pattern sequencer found inside Punch 2 for ultimate usability. Further editing of REX files or Sliced pads is also possible by using one of the many additional features such as filters, envelopes or routing into one of the 4 FX modules. And yes, you can even use granular synthesis on the REX and Slice pads!

Feature-wise there is almost too much to mention here! For instance, there is a full new ‘Master’ section with EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Stereo/mono split filter, and layout mixer. Last but not least, Punch 2 also comes with a vast amount of included sounds, ready to groove into your music and productions!

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Punch 2 GUI Screen

Additional Info

Drums Synthesis

  • Classic samples are samples taken from several classic analog drum machines and Punch samples are RP library samples.
  • Pre-installed RP sample collection 
  • 8 Dual Sample slot, each with their own amp / pitch envelopes & filter and filter envelope
  • Each drum has it's own 'easy controls', distortion (20 different models), output destination (to dry or any of the 4 fx channels), and choke groups.
  • Each drum can be previewed and selected by clicking in the Drum Preview Pad


  • Punch has it's own internal sequencer which can play 8 different patterns of up to 16 steps long.
  • Keyboard range: C3-G3
  • Grooves & Break patterns.
  • Each pattern has free row for modulation step values which can be used to modulate controls.
  • Swing amount, flaming time and humanization controls.


  • Punch has 2 envelopes, 2 LFOs and 8 modulation slots , which allow you to use a wide variety of modulation sources to control Punch’s parameters.


  • The Mixer screen shows the volume & panning of all the controls , plus the fx mix & panning, allows you to easily mix the drum sounds.

Easy Screen

  • Easy to use sliders allow to alter the main controls on the fly during use.
  • All are available for midi-latching

FX section

  • 4 FXs, each with 26 different type of fx
  • Mono Delay, Stereo Delay, Comb Filter, Reverb, HQ Reverb, Chorus, Chorus/Delay, Flanger, Phaser, WahWah Delay, Distort, Low Fi, Amp Sim, Waveshaper, Widener, AutoPan, Gator, Ring-Mod, Filter, Equalizer, Compressor, Noise-Gate, Ensemble, Cabinet, Multi Distort, AutoWah.
  • FX can be arrange in 5 different routing ways. In the multi-channel version of Punch, these FX are output to the different output channels.

Manager Screen 

  • Full Manager screen, which show you all the banks and presets, allows you to load, save, copy and paste etc them, including the powerful find function.

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Mit 149 Euro liegt das Paket eher im oberen Preissegment, jedoch in der Nähe von Battery und Co, ist dafür aber auch deutlich feingliedriger und vielfältiger einzustellen als andere meist deutlich simpler gestrickte Elektro-Drum-Angebote, welche nicht selten auch einen Sequencer mit bekommen haben. Der Schwerpunkt liegt definitiv in den Sounds selbst, nicht in dem mitgelieferten Sequencer. Es wäre jedoch sicher ganz nett gewesen, wenn man ein fertiges Pattern oder Sounds als Audiofile ausgeben oder dem Hostsequencer weiter reichen könnte. Zur Zeit müsste man die Klänge oder einen Loop bouncen (Logic Sprache) bzw. rendern (Ableton-Begriff).

Wem µTonic und ähnliche zu eingeschränkt ist oder sich sehr unterschiedlichen Genres annimmt oder einfach gerne herumexperimentiert und immer auf der Suche nach individuellen Drumsounds ist, die auch als solche erkennbar sind, wird inklusive gut dazu harmonierender Effekte fündig. Die echte Stärke liegt deshalb auch wirklich in einer hohen Wandelbarkeit und Gestaltungsmöglichkeit, ohne gleich bei wenigen Drehmomenten recht bald alle Klischees durchlaufen zu haben. Sowohl als Drumexpander für Hardware als auch klassisch mit einer DAW lassen sich gute Ergebnisse herstellen oder als Samples irgendwo einbauen. Die Ergebnisse möchten nicht in erster Linie nach TR X0X klingen, können aber daran erinnern, wenn man das wünscht.



  • macOS 10.13 or higher
  • Apple Silicon compatible
  • 64 bit


  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 32 bit & 64 bit
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