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Recording & Mixing Training - 5 Months

Recording & Mixing Training - 5 Months


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5 Month Subscription for all Recording & Mixing Trainings

At the end of the period, the subscription will automatically expire and you are welcome to renew by purchasing another period. This highly endorsed training is suitable for hobbyists or pros and will speed the viewer thru all the basics and much more.

What do you get?

Yes, recording and mixing can be extremely complicated. This series of videos will make it much easier … and fun!

Secrets of the Pros have worked with dozens of the best Producers, Engineers, and Artists, and thru them they’ve learned a long list of common techniques used to make hit records. They’re going to show you how you can do the same in your inexpensive home studio!

These trainings will take you thru the basics you need to quickly get started, then much, much more. You can watch it all on your phone, tablet, or computer anywhere and anytime.

Secrets of the Pros Makes Music-making Easier

You want to enjoy playing and recording your music and would love your mixes to sound like your favorite hit songs, right? You do NOT want to sit there frustrated while you read confusing manuals or search around online to figure out how to record and mix.

Audio technology has come a long way in the last 15-20 years, allowing you to get incredible results, even on a tight budget, right in your home. All you need is the right guide to show you how to make your music sound great.

Yes, recording and mixing are incredibly complicated. Without proper training, it can easily take years to figure it out. This series of videos will speed you thru that learning curve and make it much easier and so much more fun!

Learning with Videos is Fun & Far More Effective

Secrets of the Pros spent an enormous amount of time (and money) creating a video series so you can see and HEAR recording and mixing in real time. Why? Because that is how most of the biggest producers, engineers, and mixers learned their skills. Plus it's a lot more fun than reading a book (often by someone with little or no professional experience), or poorly written manuals, and there are a lot of those out there. With video learning is fast and fun, and you will hear the techniques and tricks used on hundreds of hit records.

Secrets of the Pros Is Endorsed By A Long List of Professionals and Beginners Alike

This video series is currently endorsed by 4 Multi-Grammy Award winners and a long list of other in-demand producers and engineers. Plus, beginner and mid-level customers love this training series because they get up to speed fast, and their tracks start sounding great. This series of videos will do just that.

This is just one of the dozens of recommendations Secrets of the Pros has received from their users:

"One year, I made 144 trips to NYC going to seminars, Q&A panels on Songwriting, production, and the list goes on. It seemed everyone was determined to make sure we (the audience) knew how their success was achieved, who worked on the project with them, and what tools or equipment was responsible for the end result. But wait! They were all great stories, but somehow the solutions I needed were left out of the mix…. Secrets of the Pros has the information that does get results. Thanks for all you do."

- Lee Demers, Electric Ensemble

Secrets of the Pros have Real-World Experience with Top Artists

Even if you're making music as a hobby, wouldn't it be great to have it sound like an A-list band? With the software available to you (Pro Tools, Steinberg, FL Studio, etc.), it absolutely can.

Over 60 years of combined experience, Secrets of the Pros worked with dozens of the best producers, engineers, and big artists. They´ve put together a multitude of standard techniques (and secrets) used to make hit records. Bands such as:

Metallica • Santana • Neil Young • Maria Carey • Celine Dion • Herbie Hancock • Primus • John Lee Hooker • Sammy Hagar • Greg Alman • and many more.

Start Making Your Music Like the Professionals with Secrets of the Pros

Learning music production has never been faster and easier. Whether you are looking to set up your first home studio, level up your mixing skills, learn how to record a killer track, or get your head around MIDI, you've come to the right place.

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