RP-Distort 2
release date: 26.04.2022

RP-Distort 2

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Distortion plugin with additional features

Welcome to the successor from the popular RP-Distort!  The original RP-Distort took distortion to a new level, and with RP-Distort 2 Rob Papen have taken it even further to a whole new creative level!

Inside version 2 and brought over from DelSane you will find the ‘Disrupt Sphere’ which allows you to control several different modulation parameters at once and it even gets more exciting if you use the ‘Audio Follower’ to also take control of the ‘Disrupt Sphere’! 

The heart of RP-Distort 2 still remains the ‘Distortion’ module, which has a pre-distortion EQ, post-distortion EQ, and Gate included. The ‘Distortion’ module offers 52 distortion types including Lo-fi, 2-Band distortions, Amp and Cabinet models, Audio Modulation, and additional to version 2 are the Dual Wave Shapers which allow you to create your own distortions. 

RP Distort 2 Gui

The EQ section inside the distortion module has been expanded by a pre-distortion EQ, a post-distortion EQ, and can be controlled either graphically or by adjusting dials using the original RP-Distort mode.
Next is an analog modeled ‘Filter’, 'Compressor', and a ‘Widener or Chorus’ module. The order of these modules in the audio signal path can be rearranged which is reflected in the updated user interface.

Modulating the various parameters has been taken to a new level with the ‘Disrupt Sphere’, ‘Audio Follower’, ‘Modulation LFOs', and the extensive ‘Mod Matrix’. Finally, RP-Distort 2 is polished off with a bank manager, to help you organize your Presets and Banks.

General Features

  • Distortion FX with additional an Analog Filter module, Compressor module, and Widener/Chorus FX

  • Path control for the 'Distortion', 'Filter', 'Compressor' and 'Widen/Chorus' module

  • Disrupt Sphere for controlling multiple parameters at once

  • Audio Follower with side-input

  • Modulation LFOs and extended Modulation Matrix

  • Bank Manager

  • 100%, 150%, and 200% GUI sizes

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  • macOS 10.13 - 12
  • 64 bit
  • M1 ARM processor compatible


  • Windows 7-11
  • 32 bit & 64 bit


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