RZ062 Equalizer
release date: 28.08.2017

RZ062 Equalizer

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Virtual emulation of Klangfilm RZ062a and RZ062b valve EQ

RZ062 Equalizer is a plug-in bundle based around authentic namesake models of the now-scarce
and sought-after, Sixties-vintage Klangfilm RZ062a and RZ062b valve EQ modules made by German giant
Siemens for installation in its film sound-centric Universal Mixing and Control Console (Klangfilm System), served up as AU-, AAX-, and VST-compatible plug-ins.

RZ062 Interface 1

Original Hardware RZ062Both RZ062A and RZ062B are modelled after the original device. Both let the user adjust treble and bass. Just like their hardware namesakes, the two EQ modules differ in the function of the mids control.

The mid handle of RZ062A rotates the entire frequency curve around the central point. RZ062B is equipped with a presence knob that adjusts one of four preset frequencies. This helps the sound to cut through very
gently and sensitively.

RZ062 Equalizer is also equipped with INPUT and OUTPUT level knobs, and a Set Calibration function to give the user complete control over its pleasant-sounding SATURATION. RZ062 Equalizer sounds superb on vocals, bass, and drums. It also allows users to work in LINKED mode, control LR (left and right) channels independently, or switch to the MS (mid-side) mode that makes it a great tool for mastering.



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  • macOS 10.11-11.1
  • Apple Silicon compatible


  • Windows 8 or higher
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