SDX Stockholm
release date: 25.04.2023

SDX Stockholm


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Five drum sets in superior SDX sound quality recorded in one of the most important capitals for music production and songwriting in the world!

Several studies agree that Sweden is one of the largest and most important exporters of music in the world. It is a small miracle that a small country of just 10 million people, located on the edge of the Arctic Circle, has become a global player in worldwide musical development and the constant production of influential hits. Since the great successes of ABBA and up to the present day, Sweden - and Stockholm in particular - has produced globally successful and trend-setting songwriters, artists and hits in almost all genres with impressive regularity. Not-so-serious sources suggest a certain quality of Stockholm water as the reason for this - however, Toontrack makes a large portion of this magical mojo available in Superior Drummer 3 with this SDX library.

Stockholm SDX Box and GUI

This SDX was recorded at the renowned Rixmixningsverket Studio (RMV Studio), an approximately 150 year old warehouse for marine equipment, picturesquely located right on the water in the middle of Stockholm's river. It is one of the best-equipped studios in Sweden and a special highlight of Stockholm's diverse studio scene. Massive and rustic wooden beams adorn the ceiling, the walls are partly made of wood and/or stone, the floor consists of a hard wooden parquet that itself functions like a kind of additional membrane - the Main Room of the RMV Studio produces a unique spatial sound, whose controlled spatiality has a particularly positive effect on the natural sound behavior of acoustic instruments. The 5 sampled drum sets complement each other with their sound characteristics and offer a perfectly balanced range of useful drum sounds: from warm and earthy to bright, transparent and loud with an impressive energy.

In addition to the sounds, SDX includes a selection of drum grooves from Swedish sampling drummer Josephine Forsman (Sahara Hotnights), as well as a palette of mixer presets created by engineer Linn Fijal and the Toontrack sound design team. Perfect and inspiring drum sounds from the music capital Stockholm for Superior Drummer 3.

Feature Sportlight

  • Soundlibrary extension for Superior Drummer 3
  • Perfectly suited for modern pop/rock/alternative music
  • Recorded and produced by engineer Linn Fijal (assisted by Vilma Colling), sampling/MIDI drummer Josephine Forsman
  • Recorded at Stockholm's Rixmixningsverket Studios (RMV) in Sweden
  • Includes 5 complete drum sets and a large selection of additional snares, bass drums, cymbals
  • 9 bass drums, 12 snare drums, 3 hi-hats, 6 crash cymbals, 3 ride cymbals
  • Contains countless mix-ready presets personally created by Lin Fijal
  • Recorded with 4 additional room microphones for perfect stereo spatial reproduction
  • Includes a selection of individually recorded MIDI drum grooves/fills (250+ files) recorded by sampling drummer Josephine Forsman
  • Download approx. 42GB (Compressed with Toontrack's own TCP algorithm)

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