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Silencers - Designed Kit
release date: 18.09.2018

Silencers - Designed Kit

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Sharp, tough and on the mark - suppressed weapons

The sounds of Silencers are for a special group of people: The silent killers, the special agents, the hitmen, the Special Forces, snipers, hunters and anyone whose profession is to remain silent but portrayed in a convincing way and at the best possible sound quality. And you as a sound designer are the one that can make it happen.

Silencers Designed

Maximum punch and meat

  • The Silencers Designed weapon sounds come as pre-designed, “ready-to-use” SFX. You’ll get perfectly mixed silenced gun sounds that will save you precious time and energy when it comes to time-critical projects. Each weapon shot comes in three styles.

3 categories, 4 shot variations

  • mechanic: The sound focus lies on the mechanisms of the weapons. The sound is cold, uncompromising and very close.

  • realistic: This version is for the purists. The most realistic and well-balanced sound of a suppressed weapon.

  • ricochet: The most characteristic version. You hear the typical high-frequency fizzle of a suppressed weapon shot.

Ready-to-use combined shots

  • The Designed version also contains recordings of automatic shooting and impressive gunfire bursts, all silenced of course with the SilencerCo suppressors.

Included Sounds - Keywords

silencers, assault rifles, pistols, sub machines, guns, SCAR, ricochet, bursts, badger, carbon, Benelli, Saiga, SMG, Remington, SIDS, hitman, special forces, snipers, hunters, silent, suppressors, weapons, gunfire, Glock 23, Walther, PPK, HK, UPS 9, AK47, HK 416, SIG 55, MP5

470+ ROYALTY-FREE SOUND FX • 110+ WAV FILES • 96kHz/24bit • 0.8GB

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