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Sphene Pro

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"For bass tones that shatter glass"

Audified introduces the Sphene Pro. Sphene Pro is a new bass plug-in containing the expertise and the best sounds from 10 years of experience in extreme rock/metal music, compressed into a pedal-like, easy to use plug-in. It is specifically designed for acoustic bass signals in the metal genre. It includes five tuned amplifiers, each with its own sound characteristics, and five speaker simulations. IIR technology has been used to model cabinets, minimizing phase problems and provide low latency performance. The plug- in is based on the ToneSpot technology and offers a usual wide range of settings with the user-friendly controls. The gain is infinitely variable via the blend setting and the boost button provides a direct bass boost for the incoming signal. Sphene Pro's is also equipped with a built-in noise gate. 


  • Plug-In for acoustic bass signals

  • Specially designed for metal sounds

  • Based on ToneSpot technology

  • Five amplifier types with different sound characteristics

  • IIR technology reduces phase problems and provides low latency with five speaker simulations.

  • Infinitely variable Gain control via the blend control

  • Boost button amplifies the signal in the bass frequencies

  • Includes an expander gate with threshold learn function

  • From 10 years of experience in the Metal genre emerged

  • GUI with zoom function

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  • macOS 10.11-11.1
  • Apple Silicon compatible


  • Windows 8 or higher
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