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The Streetly Tapes Violins & Vox

The Streetly Tapes Violins & Vox


GFORCE M-Tron Expansion

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Over 180 M-Tron Pro Patches

While the previous Streetly Tapes volumes for M-Tron Pro have varied sounds sets taken from the vast, original Streetly Electronics Melly tape archive, with Violins & Vox GForce have done something slightly different, a VIOLIN and VOCAL pack for your M-Tron Pro.This expansion pack features the strong and varied vocal performances of Caitlin Downie and the virtuoso violin voicings of Claire Lindley, and has been lovingly given the Streetly Skellotron treatment for the unique, authentic sound only offered by EMI tape over correctly aligned azimuth playback heads.

Key Features

  • A GForce Software and Streetly Electronics collaboration

  • Tape banks from the original UK ‘Tron masters

  • Derived from original EMI tape-stock

  • Over 180 M-Tron Pro Patches

  • 25 carefully curated tape banks for M-Tron Pro

  • 35 notes per tape bank


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