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Toolbox ListenHub

Toolbox ListenHub

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Toolbox ListenHub

Audio Control Toolbox

From bedroom to pro, producers and mixers are looking for a convenient way to quickly reference commercial tracks and gain more insight into their mix.

Ensure your mix stands strong against your favourite productions using ListenHub for macOS. Use it to easily A/B against songs from any streaming source such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube or your own media player.

Instantly listen to just the mid or sides, low-mids or highs and discover if your dynamics are competitive or crushed. ListenHub’s unique set of monitoring tools gives you the insights to make better mixing decisions.

Access ListenHub directly from your Mac or the free iOS and Android app for tablets and smartphones. ListenHub takes the immediacy, flexibility and tactile nature of a hardware monitor controller and marries it with the complete transparency of software routing. It can be used as a zero-latency plugin or a system-wide app hosting AU plugins on each output.

ListenHub is the audio control toolbox that places essential referencing and monitoring solutions at your fingertips.

Toolbox ListenHub


  • Multiple simultaneous inputs to reference a variety of sources, your system audio, files imported into your DAW, and your in-process mix

  • Easily switch between multiple outputs for different sets of monitor speakers or headphones

  • Host AU plugins on any of the outputs, with any configuration

  • Band solos in conjunction with the spectral analyser to identify issues, or reference specific frequency ranges of mixes you like

  • Channel solo to check mono compatibility and stereo width

  • Stepped volume control for precise and repeatable listening levels

  • The Match Input Loudness button automatically corrects level differences between your reference tracks

  • ListenHub's Auto-mute instantly catches loud bursts protecting your ears and your speakers

  • Want to ensure a dynamic and exciting mix? We'll tell you if your mix is crushed, loud, competitive or lively

  • Use the Short-term LUFS meter to ensure a consistent level between different parts of your arrangement

  • Set your short-term loudness to the loudest part, and everything else will fall into place

  • Stop worrying about integrated loudness as each streaming service will apply loudness normalisation to your track, regardless.

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  • macOS 10.12 or higher
  • 64 bit


Mac only.

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