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AAX Native, AU, Mac, VST2, VST3, Win

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PSP TotalPack - everything PSP has to offer

No need to look for anything else anymore... This bundle has all the tools you will need for mixing, mastering, creative sound shaping, correcting your stereo image or whatever comes to your mind - Limiter, Compressor, EQs, Meter, Warmer, Dither, Reverb, Delay, Stereoenhancer, -controller, -analyser, ...

This bundle inculdes:

  • PSP Twin-L
  • PSP BussPressor    
  • PSP ClassicQ    
  • PSP ConsoleQ    
  • PSP E27    
  • PSP FETpressor    
  • PSP MasterComp    
  • PSP MasterQ2    
  • PSP McQ    
  • PSP MixPack2    
  • PSP Neon HR    
  • PSP NobleQ    
  • PSP oldTimerME    
  • PSP preQursor2    
  • PSP RetroQ    
  • PSP StereoPack    
  • PSP TripleMeter    
  • PSP VintageWarmer2    
  • PSP X-Dither    
  • PSP Xenon   
  • PSP Nexcellence    
  • Lexicon PSP42    
  • PSP 2445 EMT    
  • PSP 608MD    
  • PSP 85    
  • PSP B-Scanner    
  • PSP EasyVerb    
  • PSP Echo    
  • PSP L'otary2    
  • PSP N2O    
  • PSP PianoVerb2    
  • PSP SpringBox    
  • PSP stompDelay    
  • PSP stompFilter
  • PseudoStereo
  • StereoEnhancer
  • StereoController
  • StereoAnalyser

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  • macOS 10.8 or higher
  • Intel processor


  • Windows 7-10
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