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From the same producers who created the incredible 'Deepest India' collection (Hoggie and the Turbinator), 'Vindaloops' contains hundreds of 1 and 2 bar loops played mainly on Tabla and other Indian and Bhangra percussion. More than 420 loops, breaks and single hits are included, played on Dhol, Dholak, Ghara , Tabla, Chimpta, Taliaan, etc. Also includes Female vocal phrases, shouted Male phrases plus a few single notes on Asian stringed & wind instruments.


"Never before have so many Bhangra ingredients been offered to the masses in such accessible form"
- SOUND ON SOUND magazine, UK

"It's an ideal CD for anyone into Bhangra or world music"
- FUTURE MUSIC magazine, UK

"Wonderfully expressive and expertly played"
- KEYBOARD magazine, USA

"They're all incredibly well played, well-recorded and highly usable samples. Anyone in the business of making house, jungle, bhangra or indeed any other genre of music will not be disappointed"
- THE MIX magazine, UK

Formats: WAV, Acid

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