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Vocal De-Esser
release date: 19.06.2024

Vocal De-Esser

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Simple Real-Time AI Vocal De-Esser

Vocal De-Esser is an innovation in low-latency vocal processing, incorporating artificial intelligence and a customtrained model that uses machine learning to detect and control sibilance in the human voice. This specialized training allows it to remove undesirable “Ess” sounds in real-time without compromising the vocal characteristics or tone, resulting in a smoother and more pleasant listening experience.

The Vocal De-Esser features a straightforward and user-friendly interface that allows for quick and easy operation. It includes two specific Sibilant Controls for managing (S, Sh, Z) and (T, Ch, K) vocal sounds, a Solo button for monitoring sibilance alone, a Link button for connecting the two sibilant controls, and an Assist button for activating the AI function.


  • Real-time AI Vocal De-Essing

  • Custom trained AI model on the human voice

  • Extremely simple and easy to use GUI

  • Specific sibilant controls for taming (S, Sh, Z) and (T, Ch, K) vocal sounds

  • Low Latency Processing

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  • macOS 11 or higher
  • 64 bit


  • Windows 10 and 11
  • 64 bit
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