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Touchscreen Application for Bitwig Studio 3

Wings is a powerful touch workspace for Windows 7 and above. It has been designed to efficiently control Bitwig Studio DAW from any physical touchscreen found on the market. Wings smart scripts give access to over 170 most used Bitwig Studio key commands and functions from the tip of a finger.

Commands are located EXACTLY where one would expect them to be on a touchscreen Monitor for Windows OS platforms without having to think about it. It preserves the artist's inspiration thanks to an improved technical workflow.

Ready to use gesture assignments cover most commands performed by users, such as: Clip and Scene Launch, Convert Tracks, Transport functions, Zooming, Track Scaling, Arrange, Mix and Edit window navigation, Detail Editor, Automation Editor, Device Panel, and Mixer Panel window toggling, etc.

ZenDaw Wings User Picture

Users will find tons of clearly organized direct commands, in well designed menus that cover most actions used all the time from a simple "touch" on the screen. It feels so natural and intuitive...

Wings runs under Windows 7 and above. 16" to 24" Touchscreen Monitors are recommended but Wings has proven to work perfectly well on larger touch screens as well. Wings was not designed for non FHD monitors like Android or iPad tablets. Wings doesn't install software drivers or overlays within Bitwig Studio. It lives natively within Windows' built-in touch OS environment. It is therefore super stable compared to other Touchscreen controllers found on the market.

  • A 16" to 24" Full HD Touchscreen monitor is recommended to take full advantage of WINGS. (Larger screens have proven to work perfectly well too).

  • Although this touch workspace is purposefully made for touchscreens, you may still use a regular mouse to operate on a regular non-touch monitor (Full HD advised).


  • Wings runs under Windows 7 and above
  • No coding or drivers needed.
  • Ready to use workflow within Bitwig Studio 3.0.0 and above.
  • Over 170 ready to use (pre-mapped) Bitwig Studio touch screen actions.
  • Built within Windows touch OS for rock solid stability (No drivers are installed within Bitwig Studio).
  • Wings Template automatically adapts to your touchscreen monitor size.
  • Wings commands are easy to memorize thanks to smart color codes, menu titles, and personalized button icons.
  • Wings looks good. You feel happy working with it. It improves your workflow.

ZenDaw Wings in Action


  • 2 Elegant Workspaces (Wings and Wings Alt) to best fit your personal workflow.
  • Clip Launcher
  • Convert to Instrument, Audio and Hybrid Tracks
  • Screen GUI Scaling
  • Project Selection
  • Audio Engine Activation
  • Menu Section Controls include: Audio, Export, Add Tracks, Edit, Clip and Track Editing, Quantize, Zoom, Navigation, Nudge Events, Transpose, Save, Solo and Mute, etc.
  • Full Transport Functions include: Play/Stop, Play/Stop From Start, Record, Clip Launcher Overdub, Follow Playback, Automation Write, Metronome Click, Arranger Loop, Computer Keyboard Note Input.

Additional Transport Functions include: Backward 8 Bars, Forward 8 Bars, Jump to Beginning of Arranger Loop, Jump to End of Arranger Loop, Jump to Beginning of Previous Bar, Jump to Beginning of - Next Bar, Jump to Previous Cue Marker, Jump to Next Cue Marker.

Versio 1.1.0 Features:

  • DASHBOARD [Ruler]
  • CLIP - TRACK [Expand...]
  • QUANTIZE [Sends]
  • SCALE [Layer List]
  • Fold to Takes...
  • Auto-Crossfade
  • Convert to Time SEL

Reworked Button icons or/and text :

  • 8ba and 8va
  • Auto-Fade
  • Reset Fades
  • Auto Follows with Clips
  • Navigation: Up, Down, Left, Right
  • Follow Playhead
  • Clip Launcher Overdub
  • Quit

Workflow enhancement: SELECTION functions moved to the top of the Interface | ARRANGER JUMP moved to the middle right of the interface.

Legal Note: Bitwig Studio™ and associated logos are registered trademarks of Bitwig GmbH. Logo use is for illustration purposes only. ZenDAW are not affiliated with Bitwig in any way.

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  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 16"-24" touchscreen-monitor recommended (larger screens proven to work also)
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