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World Pack

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ANOTHER 9,000 SAMPLES! ´´World Pack For GarageBand´´ joins ´´Pro Pack´´ and ´´Dance Pack´´ as the 1st Choice libraries for users of Apple´s GarageBand, Soundtrack, Logic Pro 7, Logic Express & Final Cut Pro!

Zero-G bring you the First Choice expansion packs for users of Apple’s GarageBand, Soundtrack, Logic Pro 7, Logic Express & Final Cut Pro! Each Zero-G Apple Loops library scores 10/10 in all four of the key areas:

(1) MASSIVE SIZE (in this case, over 9,000 samples and instruments, and over 6 GIGABYTES),
(2) Truly PROFESSIONAL levels of QUALITY and USABILITY (after all, they are produced by Zero-G, one of the world’s largest and most highly acclaimed suppliers to the pro audio industry for 15 years, and these samples are among our very best!),
(3) An AMAZINGLY DIVERSE and VARIED range of loops from many musical styles and cultures, and
(4) Simply UNBELIEVABLE PRICE representing totally unbeatable value-for-money.

A huge injection of new loops and sounds.
A massive rush of inspiration.
Open up whole new vistas on your musical creativity with these enormous collections. With overwhelming variety and diversity in style, these absolutely massive expansion packs are guaranteed to provide exciting new ideas for enhancing your next hit record, commercial soundtrack or dancefloor groove. All this quality, quantity and variety, for the unbelievably low price! We highly recommend that you check them out BEFORE buying any other Apple Loop library, to avoid disappointment!!

The latest professional Apple Loop collection in this series is WORLD PACK FOR GARAGEBAND and it comes in at over 9,000 samples and maintains the uniquely high standard of “Quantity AND Quality” that was set by “Dance Pack” and “Pro Pack” each over 11,000 samples - see above) - a standard that you simply don’t get from ANY other Apple Loop developer.

In addition to hand-picking the best loops and samples from a wide range of successful ‘world/ethnic’ products from the Zero-G back-catalog we have added approximately 3,000 BRAND NEW unique loops and instrument samples from Africa and the Middle East. All that content has been programmed into Apple Loops and Instruments format, making them all instantly usable and interchangeable in Apple´s superb new music powerhouses, GarageBand and SoundTrack, and also the latest versions of:
Also, all of the 9,000+ samples are compatible with any software which can use samples in AIFF format!

Over 9,000 Apple Loops and Instrument samples from a diverse range of world cultures including Indian, Polynesian, Australian, Spanish, Latin American, Celtic, Middle Eastern, and African.

Actual Disc Contents:

- Afrolatin Slam (African, Latin, and Afro-Latin fusion loops & samples) - 248 samples.
- Celtic (Loops of celtic instrument performances from Ireland, Scotland, etc) - 1,193 samples.
- Deepest India (Superb, evocative & inspiring instrument/ vocal/ ensemble loops from India) - 1,159 samples.
- Ethnic Volume 1 (A diverse selection of ‘world’ loops from many countries & cultures) - 62 samples.
- Ethnic Volume 2 (A diverse selection of ‘world’ loops from many countries & cultures) - 149 samples.
- Flamenco Sounds (The world’s finest library of Spanish Flamenco loops) - 407 samples.
- Middle Eastern Sounds (A brand new varied collection of loops from North Africa & the Middle East) - 683 samples.
- Sounds Of Polynesia (A wonderful library of loops from the South Pacific islands & Australia) - 329 samples.

- Pure Brazilian Beats (An incredible collection of Latin rhythms with an infectious feel) - 194 samples.
- Pure Tabla (An unbelievable range of sonic beats created entirely with tabla drums!) - 274 samples.
- Tribal Elements (A brand new diverse library of samples from across the African continent) - 781 samples.
- Vindaloops (Wonderfully expressive and expertly played Bhangra loops) - 452 samples.

342 instruments, including: 17 Brazilian Drums, 31 Flamenco instruments, 65 Percussion FX instruments, 67 Percussion instruments, 22 Percussion Kits, 53 Pure Tabla instruments, 52 World instruments, and 35 World Vocals instruments).

Total of Apple Loops: 5,931:
Total of Instruments: 342:
Total of Samples used in Instruments: 3,459:
Grand Total of all Loop/Samples: 9,390


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5.0 of 5  
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Ich verwende das Produkt als Soundpool für Musiksessions. Das Produkt ist für jeden empfehlenswert, der seinen Soundpool um ein Vielfaches an Sounds erweitern möchte. Die Sounds dieses Produkts klingen ausgezeichnet gut.


This Multi Format Library (included format(s) listed in product description) does not include any playback software. A suitable software is required to load and play the sounds included with this product.


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