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Unfortunately EZ DRUMMER 2 is no longer available.


Here is a list of similar products you can choose from! 

World's most innovative tool for authentic bass tracks
Superior Drummer 3
Superior Drummer 3 - the complete Drum Production Studio
Superior Drummer 3 Crossgrade
Crossgrade from EZdrummer 2 to Superior Drummer 3
Voyager Drums
New Power Drums from the maker of "Artist Drums"
EZX Value Pack
3 EZX Sound Expansions of your choice
Drums Overkill
More than 27000 various DRUM & PERCUSSION sounds
EZ Line Bundle
All 4 essential Toontrack Software Titles in one bundle
Groove Agent 5
Exceptional-quality acoustic drums and percussion
Drum Tree
Era-specific drum kits divided among 26 different genres
VIBE Instant Drumkit
Instant drumkit recorded in a large hall!
MAD - RocknFunk
3 deeply sampled drum kits with authentic musical dynamics
ProDrummer 1
40 Gigabytes of Drum Kits and MIDI Drum Grooves
Shreddage Drums
Ultimate Rock & Metal Drum instrument
Virtual Drummer 2 Brute
Drums for rock, grunge, punk, and cross-over styles
Drum Machine and Virtual Drummer
Evolved acoustic drum software
EZX Kicks & Snares
Extension for EZdrummer 2 and Superior Drummer 3
Boutique Drums Penny
Tight Rock Drums Sound from the 60's and 70's
Steven Slate Drums SSD5 Platinum
Gigantic drum library for authentic drum tracks
AS Drums Collection
7 deep-sampled Drum Kits in one collection
Drum MIDI Songwriters Drumpack 4
Drum MIDI files, played by Stephen Belans
Drum MIDI Songwriters Drumpack 2
over 450 individually played MIDI files
Drum MIDI Songwriters Drumpack 3
Over 500 individually played MIDI files