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keyscape packingKeyscape™ - Collector Keyboards

KEYSCAPE™ is an extraordinary new virtual instrument featuring the largest selection of collector keyboards in the world. Ten years in the making, each of these rare, sought-after keyboards was carefully restored and then deeply multisampled by the renowned Spectrasonics Sound Development Team. These compelling and highly expressive sounds will inspire you to PLAY!

Keyscape Collage

The process began with going to the ends of the earth to find and restore each one of these rare and incredibly special instruments with the top technicians and expert craftsmen from each discipline. We even went as far as spending years redoing these instruments from scratch again and again until they were totally “right.” 


This incredible attention to detail and meticulous care given to each instrument allowed us to develop these sounds to a whole new level of authentic tone and inspiring playability…and of course that’s just the start of how these instruments can be transformed into amazing new sounds with the STEAM Engine™!

custom controlsCustom Controls
The Custom Controls presented for each Patch allow you to go far beyond the original sound. The intuitive interface includes useful performance controls and high quality creative effects processing specially crafted for each Patch. Hundreds of included Patches showcase the remarkable versatility and ability to dramatically customize these iconic sounds to your music.

Authentic Expression

With many of these collector instruments, it’s really the imperfections that make them so interesting. Instead of cleaning up all the quirks and noises they make, we made sure to closely capture them since they are big part of their vibe. In addition to that, our software team closely modeled the authentic behavior and mojo of vintage amplifiers, classic effects units and unique subtleties like mechanical noises, pedal noises and release overtones to bring these sounds to a whole new level of authenticity and dynamic expression.

Hybrid "Duo" Sounds
Along with the hundreds of patches based on the 36 instrument models, Keyscape includes special hybrid "Duo" sounds, which combine two of the instruments to create something entirely new. The unique timbre of these Duo patches make them some of the most creative and inspiring sounds in Keyscape!

Omnisphere Integration
As a bonus for Omnisphere 2 users, Keyscape also integrates fully as a satellite instrument within the Omnisphere® interface. Keyscape will simply appear as a library inside Omnisphere’s browser for users of both plug-ins. This allows Omnisphere 2 users to harness the full synthesis power of the STEAM Engine® to explore endless new sonic possibilities and combinations!

Omnisphere Integration

Technical Specifications

  • Huge 77 GB library with over 500 sounds, 36 Instrument Models and Hybrid “Duo” Patches

  • Deeply multisampled sounds with up to 32-way velocity switching, Round Robins, etc

  • Mechanical Noise, Pedal Noise and Release Noise behavior modeling

  • Patches feature authentic circuit modeled amps and effects

  • Optional “Lite” installation (30 GB) for stage use

  • Omnisphere® 2 integration

Keyscape™ Models

  • Keyscape Models 1 - LA Custom C7 Grand Piano | Wing Upright Piano | Wing Tack Piano

  • Keyscape Models 2 - Rhodes - Classic Mark I Rhodes - LA Custom "E" Model | Vintage Vibe Electric Piano

  • Keyscape Models 3 - Wurlitzer 140B | Wurlitzer 200A | Electric Grand CP-70

  • Keyscape Models 4 - Pianet M | Pianet N | Pianet T

  • Keyscape Models 5 - Weltmeister Claviset | Celeste | Chimeatron

  • Keyscape Models 6 - Dulcitone | Clavinet C | Clavinet/Pianet DUO

  • Keyscape Models 7 - Vintage Vibe Vibanet | Clavichord | Dolceola

  • Keyscape Models 8 - Electric Harpsichord | Mini Student Butterfly Piano | Rhodes 1946 Pre-Piano

  • Keyscape Models 9 - Toy Piano - Classic | Toy Piano - Glock | Toy Piano - Grand

  • Keyscape Models 10 - Toy Piano Saucer Bell | Harmochord | Rhodes Piano Bass

  • Keyscape Models 11 - Vintage Vibe Tine Bass | Weltmeister Basset 1 | Weltmeister Basset 2

  • Keyscape Models 12 - MKS-20 Digital Piano | MK-80 Digital Rhodes | JD-800 Crystal Rhodes

“Keyscape Creative”

The “Keyscape Creative” library is a cutting-edge collection of over 1200 Omnisphere patches specially designed to showcase the power of combining Keyscape and Omnisphere 2. Owners of Omnispehre 2 and Keyscape can update their products to get the new patches, which then appear in Omnisphere 2’s patch browser as a new directory.

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Flag DE spaceMuso Talk 11/2016

Spectrasonic Keyscape Testbericht mit Thorsten Quaeschning von Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream Musical Director und Keyboardist Thorsten Quaeschning testet für euch das neue Plug in von Spectrasonics an.

Wir hatten eigentlich eine Sammlung der Standard Keyboards Sounds wie Rhodes, Piano und Flügel erwartet.

Aber Thorsten hat ein paar wirklich Perlen in den über 70 Gigabyte des Monster Plug ins gefunden.

Warum die so geil sind und das Plug in dann doch die volle Wertung erhalten hat und ein Kaufempfehlung geworden ist erfahrt ihr im Video.

MusoTalk Empfehlung mit 5 Punkten auf dem Thorsten´s MusoMeter

" Top Plug in mit aussergewöhlichen aber gut einsetzbaren Sounds, nicht nur von Rhodes, Steinway und Co."

Keyscape Musotalk


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03.12.2019 Sprache: deutsch

Tolle Software!

5.0 of 5  
20.01.2019 Sprache: deutsch

Grandiose Kollektion von Spectrasonic, die meine Bibliothek bereichert hat Die volle Integration ins Omnisphere gibt unzählige Möglichkeiten zum Komponieren. Ich bin erst seit paar Tagen am Rumprobieren und schon die erste Schritte begeistern Die Qualität von Sounds sind einfach wow Die durchdachten Steuermöglichkeiten sind praxisbezogen und erleichtern live-Performance sehr. Hardware-Unterstützung ist ein separates Thema. Das ist an sich alleine eine Empfehlung Danke!

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19.07.2018 Sprache: deutsch

Top Service! Gerne wieder. Vielen Dank


For All Users

  • 2.2 GHz Intel dual core processor or higher
  • 8GB RAM minimum
  • Solid State Drive recommended
  • 80 GB of free hard drive space (30 GB for lite install)

Mac Users:

  • OS X 10.10 Mavericks or higher
  • AU, VST 2.4 or AAX capable host software
  • Native 64-bit host*

Windows Users:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
  • VST 2.4 or AAX capable host software
  • Native 64-bit host*

*32-bit hosts are not supported for Keyscape. However, Keyscape sounds can be played within Omnisphere 2 which can operate in 32-bit hosts

Product activation:
An internet connection is required to authorize / activate the product.