McDSP is an innovative Silicon Valley audio software company founded in 1998 by Colin McDowell,  producing industry acclaimed and award-winning software titles.

Real-time noise reduction processor
6034 Ultimate Multi-band
Flexible multi-band dynamics processor
EC-300 Echo Collection
Dozens of echo and chorus effects in one single plug-in
AE600 Active EQ
The next generation of active equalization
Next generation of limiter technology
SA-2 Dialog Processor
Enhance your recorded speech, dialogs and vocals
Everything Pack
Includes every Audio Effect Plugin from McDSP
Emerald Pack
Complete Audio Effect Music Production Bundle
Retro Pack
Retro Pack including 3 McDSP Retro Plugins
Classic Pack
McDSP’s legendary emulations all in One Pack
3 Vintage and Modern High-End EQ´s and Filters
3 Vintage and Modern High-End Compressor Plug-ins
3 High-end Multi-band Compressor Plug-ins
Multiple parallel and serial compression combinations
High-resolution Limiter and Multi-band Dynamics Processor
Analog Channel
Emulates the Sounds of Analog Tapes Machines, Tapes and more
Channel G
3 Big Board Sound Equalizer and Dynamics Plug-ins
Revolver Native
A high-powered Convolution Reverb
Distortion and Noise Generator Plug-in
NF575 Noise Filter
Filter Set designed to remove a Wide Variety of Noise Types
DE555 De-esser
New Generation of De-essing Technology
AE400 Active EQ
Made up of 4 bands of fixed & active equalization
6030 Ultimate Compressor
10 Compressor Modules in a Single Interface
6020 Ultimate EQ
The 6020 Ultimate EQ is a Collection of 10 EQ Models
4040 Retro Limiter
Limiter with unique original Algorithms & Vintage Sound