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This first version of ERA Medieval Legends - at Best Service directly no more available - is on sale at at half price for a very short time. This is a regular version and even eligible for an  Upgrade to ERA II

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Engine Update Available

Shortly after the release of Celtic ERA we are proud to also release a new Engine Version!

We changed quite a few things that help improving stability and performance. Among them we fixed an annoying bug on Mac OS and also improved our Copy Protection to avoid broken activations after Windows updates.

​Check it out right now!

Download latest Best Service Engine!





Releasetime reviews CH Ensemble Strings

releasetime top product award

Conclusion: (excerpt)

Chris Hein's Ensemble Strings ideally complement the existing repertoire of classical instruments of the manufacturer. Since the soloists and the ensemble have the same recording technique, architecture and matching playing styles, the libraries harmonize perfectly with each other and are suitable for a grand design of a classical ensemble.


Sound quality and sample management set standards. The price is very customer-friendly in view of the luxurious equipment and the perfect sound. By the way: I have tested the solo strings of Chris Hein for another platform and can only recommend them.


  • first-class sound flowing dynamic transitions including articulation changes
  • luxurious legato and vibrato
  • dry samples (after switching off the reverb)
  • three reverbs: Body, Room and DSP Reverb
  • intuitively playable presets (complex articulations)
  • NKS support

Minus: -

Complete detailed test report for CH Ensemble Strings at (German language)


Jordan Rudess about Chris Hein Ensemble Strings

Jordan Rudess about CH Ensemble Strings

The Hein stuff is really nice man ...using it all over my new album!

Seinen Video Kommentar finden Sie hier:

Jordan Rudess ( Dream Theatre)



Superbooth 2018

Superbooth 2018 logo

From May 3rd to 5th you can visit Best Service in Berlin at Superbooth 2018.

This is the first time that we are part of Superbooth and we are very excited about it. Our booth is in the new "Westwing" area and our booth's number is W435. 

Our team will be happy to show you all the latest addditions to our virtual instrument family and chat with you about the latest trends in digital music making. 

On Thursday and Friday Sample-Legend Chris Hein will be on our booth. On Thursday 2pm and 4pm you can see a live performance of Bernd Keul, playing the Chris Hein Solo Violin using a Leap Motion controller.

We're looking forward to seeing you!



Eli Krantzberg about CH Solo Strings

Eli Krantzberg

Eli Krantzberg about Chris Hein Solo Strings Complete:

"These solo instruments also sound fantastic when paired with Logic’s new Studio Strings ensembles and sections. The extensive articulation switching available in the Chris Hein instruments is perfectly suited to be paired with Logic’s new Articulation ID system. In this video, I’ll show you how to edit the existing violin articulation ID set to work with the Chris Hein Solo Violin instrument. Setting up your third-party libraries to work with Logic’s articulation ID switching functions is a great way to get one consistent workflow under your belt that you can use across all libraries."


Eli Krantzberg is an internationally known author and music software trainer. His instructional videos have helped demystify music software such as Logic, Pro Tools, Sonar, BFD, Melodyne, and Kontakt for thousands of users all over the world.

Eli is a regular contributor to Electronic Musician magazine. His articles focus on a variety of aspects of software based music production.


Accordions 2 review

Holger Obst has written a detaiiled review at for Accordions 2 by Eduardo Tarilonte (in German language)

"Top Product Award" for Accordions 2.

Top Product Award for Accordions 2


Best Service / Eduardo Tarilonte Akkordions 2 behaupten ohne Zweifel die Spitzenposition in diesem schmalen Marktsegment. Die Audioqualität ist erlesen, und die einzelnen Instrumente werden in ihrem spezifischen Charakter abgebildet.

Die Dynamiksteuerung durch das Modulationsrad wird ergänzt durch die Lautstärkemodulation des Bellow-Shake (Pressen und Ziehen des Faltenbalgs), steuerbar beispielsweise über ein Expression-Pedal und im Wirkungsradius genau dosierbar – auch synchron zum Tempo, falls erforderlich.

Auch die Auswahl an Akkordeons und artverwandten Instrumenten wird in diesem Umfang von keinem anderen Anbieter erreicht. Alle Instrumente der Sammlung sind akkurat ausgearbeitet und werden in allen Details abgebildet – bis hin zu Nebengeräuschen wie dem Luftstrom bei Bewegung des Faltenbalgs und der Mechanik beim Anschlagen und Loslassen der Tasten. Zur Lebendigkeit und Authentizität des Klanges tragen ferner die drei anschlagsdynamischen Stufen und die Round Robins bei.

Beim Überblenden mittels Modulationsrad fallen keine Übergänge zwischen den einzelnen Samples auf. Alles wirkt fließend wie im richtigen Leben. Das richtige Leben kann auch einem Akkordeon auf die Dauer zusetzen. Um schräge Töne beizusteuern, gibt es ein aufwändiges Microtuning mit Performance-Optionen.

Wem typische Akkordeon-Akkordfolgen eher fremd sind, der findet in den rhythmischen Presets eine Auswahl von Spielweisen vom Walzer bis zur Polka. Hier hätte die Auswahl noch etwas breiter gefächert und variantenreicher sein können. Akkorde werden in Dur, Moll, mit Septime und vermindert angeboten, dazu der Bass als Begleitung.

Die Samples sind nicht geloopt. Auf einem echten Akkordeon kann man durch Pressen und Ziehen des Faltenbalgs die Töne beinahe ins Unendliche dehnen. Das macht aber kaum jemand unter 2.0 Promille, weshalb die Länge der Samples auch für fast alle Fälle ausreichen dürfe. Was ich mir gewünscht hätte, wäre ein Wechsel der Register über Steuertasten.

Unterm Strich verfügen die Accordions 2 über eine reiche Ausstattung an Instrumenten, einen authentischen, lebendigen Klang und über Extras wie rhythmische Akkordbegleitungen, Bellow-Shake-Menü und Microtuning. Damit nehmen sie unter den virtuellen Akkordeons den Spitzenplatz ein – und wir verleihen diesem Produkt unseren Award.

Auch der Preis ist nicht übertrieben, das Upgrade-Angebot ausgesprochen fair.

Felizidades, Senor Tarilonte und Glückwunsch an Best Service.

Testautor: Holger Obst

Hier, auf finden Sie den kompletten Testbericht 





The Orchestra 1.1

We are super excited to announce the release of The Orchestra Version 1.1
We addded new features and improvements, listening to your wishes, making The Orchestra even more awesome than before!

You can download the free update to version 1.1 from our public download page.

Best Service Downloads

If you prefer to download the complete library in version 1.1 you can now do so in your Best Service user account.

The Orchestra

New features and improvements

  • A Glockenspiel was added as a single patch and in the engine instrument
  • Triplets are now available as a rate option for the arpeggiators
  • The new user preset system enables you to save your own presets for the ensemble instrument and even share them with other users any way you like.
  • The MIDI controller which scales the dynamics up and down can now be changed between CC1, CC2 and CC11, so that you can use the mod wheel (CC1) for other automation.
  • A new humanizer was added
  • On the mixer page, every instrument slot can now be assigned to a separate output. This makes it possible to mix and edit every individual instrument of the engine inside your DAW.
  • More than 35 new presets and 15 new multis.
  • The instrument browser now automatically updates itself to show the right entry for the currently chosen instrument slot
  • Mute and solo buttons are now also available on the main page
  • The mute buttons are now automatable
  • The note selection menu was upgraded with a new Top 3 option
  • In the instrument browser, the view will now always jump to the currently loaded articulation of the selected slot
  • When stepper or envelope data is edited after the dynamic controller was used, the engine will wait a few seconds before it jumps back to the current dynamic scaling
  • A couple of small graphic and function bug fixes

Whats new?

Quick Tutorial





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