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OTO Biscuit
release date: 20.06.2018

OTO Biscuit

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Lo-fi 8-bit Magic

OTO Biscuit UIInitially introduced in hardware in the late 00’s, the French-made OTO Biscuit quickly became a cult classic with DJs and electronic music producers around the world. Gritty bit-crushing, lo-fi multi-effects, a sweet and smooth analog filter, and a quality look and feel, made it a go-to awesome-sound-maker in clubs and studios alike.

Now it’s available in software, bringing those crunchy, dirty, edgy sounds closer to the DAW-based studio or laptop-based performance rig, and making it more intuitive than ever before.

Features Overview

  • Lo-fi 8-bit magic in a fun and easy-to-use package
  • Take control on a bit-by-bit level
  • Slow the sample rate and hear that aliasing glitter fall
  • Smooth analog filter
  • Built in digital effects – waveshaping, delay, pitch-shifting
  • 8-step sequencer to drive the filter
  • Very distinctive sound, but good for many styles
  • Turn any run-of-the-mill electronic track into a vibrant classic

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  • Mac min. requirements: Intel Core Duo, AMD 64 X2, 4 GB RAM, Mac OS X 10.9 or newer
  • PC min. requirements: Intel Core Duo, AMD 64 X2, 4 GB RAM, Windows 8 or 10, 64 Bit (except Windows 10 Anniversary Edition)


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