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SDX Music City USA

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Like it, love it or leave it, Nashville Tennessee is Music City USA. With more labels, publishers, writers, producers, musicians and artists per capita than any other city in North America, Nashville knows a thing or two about great music, and more importantly - great sounding music.

With the city’s history & culture so steeped in the art of making and recording music, the team could think of no better place on earth to record a library of drums that would be at home in music ranging from rock to reggae, metal to gospel or punk to polka. Oh yeah... they’re good for country & rock too!

Introducing the Music City USA SDX™ , the newest library of drum samples and MIDI grooves for our award winning, industry standard drum production platform, Superior Drummer® 2.0.

Much like its sibling, the Nashville EZX®, the Music City USA SDX™ found us working with Harry Stinson and Chuck Ainlay, two of the best, most experienced players and producers in the business.

Song 1, 3 and 7 in the demo player courtesy of J.Rammelt / F.Söderström, Pyjama Music Publishing. www.rammeltsoderstrom.com

12GB free hard disc space, DVD drive, a working Superior Drummer® 2.0 installation

• PB Drum Co. 16x22"
• PB Drum Co. 16x22" (Open)
• PB Drum Co. 16x22" (DPA)
• Slingerland Vintage 1968 14x20"
• Slingerland Vintage 1968 14x20" (Open)

• Ludwig Black Beauty (70s vintage) 5x14"
• Ludwig Black Beauty (70s vintage) 6x14"
• Tama Artstar solid maple 5x14"
• Rogers Powertone (wood, 60s vintage) 5x14"
• Ludwig Chrome Brass 6x14"

• Racktom, PB Drum Co. 9x10"
• Racktom, PB Drum Co. 10x12"
• Floortom, PB Drum Co. 12x14"
• Racktom, Slingerland Vintage 1968 8x12"
• Floortom, Slingerland Vintage 1968 14x14"

• 14 " Sabian AA

Cymbals position 1:
• 18" Sabian AA Medium Thin Crash
• 13" Sabian AA El Sabor

Cymbals position 2:
• 16" Sabian Vault Series
• 18" Sabian Vault Series

Cymbals position 3:
• 18" Sabian AA Medium Thin Crash
• 16" Sabian AA Medium Thin Crash
• 16" Sabian Vault Crash

• 20" Zildjian 1960
• 20" Sabian HH Med Heavy Ride

• 18" Sabian AA Chinese Sizzle


The sounds for the Music City USA SDX™ were played by Harry Stinson at Sound Kitchen, Nashville, USA.

The sounds for the Music City USA SDX™ were recorded, engineered and mixed by Chuck Ainlay, Mattias Eklund and Brad Bowden at Sound Kitchen, Nashville, USA.

The MIDI files for the Music City SDX were played by Ricard "Huxflux" Nettermalm and recorded by Ulf Edlund, Martin Kristoffersson and Nils Erikssson at Toontrack Studios, Umea, Sweden.

Sound editing: Stefan Bränberg, Mattias Eklund

MIDI editing: Nils Eriksson, Henrik Kjellberg and Martin Kristoffersson

Graphic designer: Fredrik Ärletun

Beta testing and configuration manager: Rogue Marechal

Coding: Olof Westman

Web & Database: Daniel Dermes


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Language: englisch
4.0 of 5

I use both Toontrack EZ drummer 2 (songwriting) and Superior drummer2 (final mixes) and this is a great addition for SD.Does require Superior drummer2!

Language: englisch
4.0 of 5

Nice sound !

Language: englisch
5.0 of 5

The sound of Nashville is unique, velvety-smooth-sounding rooms have resulted in a beautifully warm and punchy kit.I am very impressed with the included midi files as well, so well-played and all the song elements are there for some quick inspiration. Superior drummer is an awesome package and with every expansion, my experience just gets better and better!

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  • Windows 7 or higer
  • Pentium 4 or Athlon CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 4 GB free hard disk space


  • OS X 10.6 or higer
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 4 GB free hard disc space

For all

  • DVD drive
  • Free hard disc space according the library

Audio Unit, VST, AAX or RTAS host application and professional sound card recommended. Stand-alone version included.COMPATIBILITY: All major Digital Audio Workstations.

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