Softube is a world leading developer of audio recording software and plug-ins for use with Pro Tools, Logic, Studio One, Cubase and many other DAWs.

Console 1 Fader
A Modern Mixing System
Console 1 MK II
Software PlugIn & Hardware Controller
Volume 4
Softube Effect and Instrument Plug-ins
Volume 3
Softube Effect and Instrument Plug-ins
Soft-synth with dual wavescanning source sections
Mutable Instruments Rings
Physical modelling synthesizer - woddy, metallic, glassy
Doepfer A-188-1 BBD
Ultra-precise model of rare & exciting style of analog delay
Mutable Instruments Braids
Macro oscillator featuring 40+ digital synthesis algorithms
Eden WT-800
Faithful modelling of class-leading, top-quality equipment
Weiss Compressor/Limiter
Modern and transparent digital compressor and limiter
American Class A Channel
Standalone channelstrip & channel emulation for Console 1
Mutable Instruments Clouds
Clouds texture synthesizer for Softube Modular
OTO Biscuit
Lo-fi 8-bit magic in a fun and easy-to-use package
Tube-Tech Complete Collection
Includes four Mk II plug-ins and their legacy counterparts
Tube-Tech Equalizer Collection
Tube-Tech Mk II EQ and the original legacy PE 1C & ME 1B EQ
Tube-Tech Compressor Collection
Software bundle including CL 1B Mk II and CL 1B
Time and Tone Plus
Exclusive Bundle for Time and Tone Owners
Revolutionary virtual modular Synthesizer
British Class A Expansion
Channel Emulation for Softube Console 1
Drawmer 1973
Three Band FET compressor
Drawmer S73
Multi-Band Compression For Your Mix
Fix Flanger and Doubler
The Legacy Sound of Classic Flanging and Vocal Doubling
Transient Shaper
Highly versatile transient shaping tool
Mutronics Mutator
Create Mind Boggling Filter Sweep Effects
Solid State Logic XL 9000 K Extension for Console 1
Summit Grand Channel
Two legendary studio standards for your DAW!
Amp Room Bundle
3 Amp Room Softube products
Vintage Amp Room
Emulates three great guitar amps, mics & room!
Volume 4 Upgrade Volume 3
Upgrade for all registered users of Softube´s Volume 3
Volume 4 Upgrade Volume 2
Upgrade for all registered users of Softube´s Volume 2
Volume 4 Upgrade Volume 1
Upgrade for all registered users of Softube´s Volume 1
Chandler Limited Curve Bender
Plug-in version of a legendary mastering equalizer
Monoment Bass
Modern and Mix-ready Bass
Volume 3 Upgrade Volume 2
Upgrade for all registered users of Softube´s Volume 2
Buchla 296e
High-end spectral filtering and processing
Analog Saturation Processor
Weiss Deess
The only de-esser you’ll need
Weiss MM1
Mastering Maximizer Plug-in
Fix Phaser
Lush vintage phasing sound in a modern plugin package
4ms Pingable Envelope Generator (PEG)
Two-channel pingable envelope generator
Buchla 259e
Software version of the Buchla 259e
Doepfer A-101-2 Vactrol LPG
Combined Lowpass and VCA Modul for Softube Modular
Intellijel Korgasmatron
Dual six mode filter with Xfade for Softube Modular
Intellijel uFold II
Wavefolding madness ahead
Intellijel Rubicon
Thru-zero filter modulation masterpiece for Modular
Abbey Road Studios Brilliance Pack
highly specialized Equalizer tool
Valley People Dyna-mite
The only officially supported Dyna-mite plug-in!
True stereo reverb with intuitive user interface
Metal Amp Room
Get the most brutal and aggressive sound!
Innovative software Drum Synth
Acoustic Feedback
Realistic simulation (physical modeling) of guitar feedback!
Summit EQF-100
Virtual version of the Tube EQ EQF-100
True stereo reverease of use combined with high-end quality
Summit TLA-100A
The TLA-100A is the "set-and-forget" compressor
Passive-Active Pack
Compilation of three very different equalizers!
Bass Amp Room
Bass amp, including cabinet & mic emulation!
Tape - Simulation
SOFTUBE Tape – realistic analog tape plug-in
4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator (SMR)
SOFTUBE 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator (SMR)
Spring Reverb
Realistic replica of a vintage spring reverb
Tube Delay
a marriage between analog and digital!
Trident A-Range
The legendary Trident A-Range equalizer!
FET Compressor
Accurate emulation of the solid state compressor
Tonelux Tilt
The "one-knob" EQ, high and low pass filters, and lots more!