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Sound archives for various uses. Nature, Technic, SciFi, Game, Cinematic, Traffic, People, Everyday Life, Sports, and many more.

Studio Box Mark III Upgrade
Upgrade from Studio Box Mark II to Mark III
Studio Box Mark III
10.000 foley sound effects and ambiences
Foley Stage
Huge Sound FX library for film-, game- and music production
Psy - FX
Over 900 sfx samples, mystic, spherical, events and impacts
NEON - Sci-Fi Elements
Futuristic Sound Design Elements
Room Tones USA 3D Surround
Room Tones USA Stereo
Room Tones - The Elementary Ingredient
Geothermal 3D Surround
Otherworldly Sonic Landscapes and Textures
Geothermal Stereo
Otherworldly Sonic Landscapes & Textures in Stereo
Room Tones Europe 3D Surround
Room Tones Europe 3D - dive into the ambiences
Room Tones Europe Stereo
Room tones - the elementary ingredient
Monsters & Beasts - Bundle
Contains the Designed and the Construction Kit Edition
Monsters & Beasts - Construction Kit
The awe-inspiring sound of legendary creatures
Monsters & Beasts - Designed Kit
The sound of legendary creatures - designed kit
Revolutionary sound design plug-in
Get access to a playable arsenal of Footsteps
Edward Ultimate SUITE
High quality, real recorded and playable Foley-FX
Robot Sound Effects Bundle
3 Robot Sound Libraries in one Bundle
Sound effects library, WAV/Audio, 3900 samples
Red Box
Sound effects library, human and nature, 5 CDs, WAV/Audio
Black Box
Cinematic sound effects library, WAV/Audio
Blue Box 16
Sound FX Library, Human and Nature, 2000 Wav sounds
Cinematic Strikes - Bundle
Cinematic Strikes Designed & Construction Kit Bundle
Cinematic Strikes - Construction Kit
Enormous sounding percussive hits
Cinematic Strikes - Designed
Pre-designed Enormous Sounding Percussive Hits