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Tone Empire

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Tone Empire is a dedicated brand for high end signal processors in the software world. The simple and clear goal of this brand is to provide “Hardware Quality” processors at unbelievable prices, so that everyone at a budget can afford world class, cutting edge technology with beautiful interfaces to make their work sonically amazing & truly inspiring!

Virtual Analogue Studio Bundle
Get the best of famous compressors, tape saturators and more
Analog Power Bundle
Emulations of EQs, Channel Strips, and Drum Smashers
The King of Vari-Mu Compressors
Smooth Tubes Equalizer
Saturation, Dynamics & EQ Processor
Drums & Percussion Processor
Model 5000
"Heavy Weight" VCA Compressor
Transparent Optical Compressor
Reelight Pro
Tape Saturation and Compression Processor