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Transformizer Basic

Transformizer Basic

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Innovative Sound Manipulation Plug-in

Transformizer is an innovative sound manipulation software plugin, which makes sounds “intelligently” adapt to each other, by forcing Child section sounds to intimately follow the flow and structure of a Master section sound – thus providing users with unique, colourful and creative options in seconds instead of hours.

TRANSFORMIZER® Basic with an extremely useful set of features.

  • Lock to host
  • Extended Randomizer, selection of parameters and scalable from 0 - 100%
  • Completely intuitive ui, securing efficient and inspiring workflow

Transformizer Basic GUI

The audio manipulation features inside Transformizer, makes it invaluable to anyone looking to massively boost their creative output. Transformizer is tailored for sound designers, musicians, music producers, game VR and AR designers, artists or DJs. TRANSFORMIZER® is for anyone looking to boost their sonic creative output, regardless of genre and medium.

The technology behind Transformizer, is based on advanced analyses of the pitch, amplitude, duration and timbre of a ‘Master section sound’ and hereafter applying these parameters to control an additional set of ‘Child section sounds’. Through creative blending of sources and intuitively tweaking of parameters new sounds will be brought to life in seconds.

What are the differences between Pro and Basic?

  • Transformizer Basic is a stereo out version and has got limited direct access to parameters and is more based on the quite elaborate Randomizer function. This in order to present the user of Basic with suggestions on the basis of which you can create your unique sonic material. It has 1 Child section and is a great companion for f.ex. loop based music production.

  • In Transformizer Pro to mention a few, you have Master and 3 Child section where basic has a Master and a Child sections, access to all parameters and you can automate most of them, there is single section view (by pressing the number buttons 1,2,3 or 4 which will correspond to Master, Child A, Child B and Child C and separate outputs for each section.

Transformizer Comparison Chart

Minimum system requirements: Mac OSX 10.10.5 or higher | Windows 10 |  16 GB RAM

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The system requirements can be found in the product description or on the manufacturer's website.

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