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VintageWarmer 2 - warm up your dynamics

VintageWarmer2 is a high-quality digital simulation of an analog-style, a single- or multi-band compressor and limiter. It combines rich, warm analog processing with a straightforward user interface, and comes with a comprehensive library of presets.

The plug-in processor is highly flexible and can be used for both softknee compression and brick-wall limiting. This makes it an essential tool for mixing and mastering engineers. Careful attention has been paid to PSP Vintage Warmer's overload characteristics with the processor being capable of generating saturation effects typical of analog tape recorders.

PSP Vintage Warmer also incorporates professional VU and PPM metering together with accurate overload indicators thereby assuring professional quality results.


This plugin is great for optimising the density and average signal levels of recordings during mixing or mastering. Shape the dynamics of recordings during mixing, add warmth to individual tracks or complete mixes and feed individual tracks or complete mixes with that analog tape-style compression

VintageWarmer2 contains 3 versions:

  • PSP MicroWarmer which provides the same sound quality as it's big siblings, but with a simplified single-band interface and low latency performance optimized for use on individual tracks;

  • PSP VintageWarmer (LE) which is a direct descendant of the original PSP VintageWarmer with its all strengths such as low resource usage and latency;

  • PSP VintageWarmer2, the main addition being the FAT double sampling mode for even more analog sounding processing

VintageWarmer2 GUI


  • High quality signal processing algorithms

  • Single or multi-band signal processing

  • FAT (Frequency Authentication Technique) PSP's double sampled processing

  • 64-bit floating point precision

  • Shelf filters for bass and treble frequencies in single-band processing mode

  • Control of bass and treble signal components in multi-band processing mode

  • Accurately calibrated VU and PPM meters with the overload indicators

  • Disengagable brick-wall limiting

  • Two Release Mutliplier ranges for fast or relaxed processing

  • Semi Automated Release mode.

  • Up to 192kHz sample rates supported

  • Library of presets


  • Win7 (32/64-Bit) or later

  • Mac OSX 10.8 (32/64-Bit) or later

  • Internet Connection

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