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Unfortunately Virtual Guitarist Carbon Crossgrade is no longer available.


Here is a list of similar products you can choose from! 

BeatMaker Hustle
A virtual beat maker for Trap, Grime and Bass Music
BeatMaker Dope
A virtual beat maker for Hip Hop, Boom Bap and Rap
BeatMaker Eden
A virtual beat maker for electronic dance music tracks
Virtual Guitarist Silk
Classy Nylon Guitar Finger Picking
Virtual Guitarist Amber
Warm and shiny Steel-string Acoustic Guitar
Virtual Guitarist Iron
Powerful distorted chords and interval riffs
Virtual Guitarist Sparkle
Virtual Drummer 2 Solid
Virtual Drummer 2 Phat
Funk-A-Licious & Groovy Drums
Virtual Drummer 2 Heavy
Authentic Pro Drum Performances in a Snap