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To the Alps and beyond!

Alpine Volksmusik offers 24 single instruments, from Accordion to the „Zillertaler“ violin.
 This collection offers everything you need to compose music in the authentic Alpine and
Upper Carniola style. Only the best artists from this genre have been recorded for these instruments

Alpine Volksmusik is the first professional sample-library dedicated to the incredible wide field of traditional Austrian, Bavarian as well as Upper Carniolan folk and brass music. Using 24 high-quality instruments, every producer can now arrange a virtual ensemble ranging from familiar setups to a full marching band.

Alpine Volksmusik covers the whole spectrum of instruments, being necessary to produce this kind of folk music in a digital environment. Accordion, styrian harmonicas, clarinets and brass instruments are available just like guitar, bass and drums. And of course, we haven't forgotten traditional instruments like the dulcimer, the Zillertal fiddle and the alpine bells.


All instruments have been recorded with full details and offer different articulations that can be keyswitched to deliver authentic sounds. Also, the clearly arranged user interface of the Engine player allows to individually adjust specific characteristics of the instruments such as release-noises for the accordion. In addition, levels, panning, legato, reverb and further functions can quickly be set here.

TenorhornAll instruments have been played by masters of the Volksmusik genre, just read the list below. These experienced musicians are not only virtuosos for the corresponding instruments; they also have a deep knowledge of getting that characteristic folkloristic sound out of them. By using this library, you may now finally benefit from these specific sounds in your productions.

Alpine Volksmusik can be used in flexible ways. Are you a singer or a soloist, wanting to arrange your own compositions? Do you need semi-playbacks for your live-performances? Do you plan to add specific sounds to your real studio-recordings? Do you need a pre-production for guest-musicians? Alpine Volksmusik covers all of this with ease. By using the outstanding instruments of this library, you will be able to compose and arrange your songs with your digital production system to your liking and in highest quality.

Alpine Volksmusik may sound traditional as well as modern. Simply choose the instruments that fit your music. Select a dulcimer and an accordion for family music or go for a small marching band from the upper Carniolan region! Are you in need for a soft sounding nylon-string guitar for a ballad or do you want modern drums, brass, vocal effects and a special synth-bass from Zillertal? Alpine Volksmusik will deliver it all! Naturally, you may complete this library with other instruments to create party-music, cover-versions and Après-Ski-tunes with authentic folkloristic sounds.


And that's not even all: The instruments of Alpine Volksmusik can be used in multiple musical genres such as American polka, Balkan pop or even Hip-Hop. Whenever cheerful brass instruments, vivid accordions and nice-sounding acoustic guitars are needed, Alpine Volksmusik will offer you a perfect choice of instruments.



  • Bass Trombone: Sebastian FuchsbergerAlpine-Volksmusik_Grafik_Interface_Banner

    The Bass Trombone, was played by Sebastian Fuchsberger, a great musician and founding member of the Austrian band Global Kryner.
  • Baritone Horn: Sepp Mattlschweiger

    Sepp Mattlschweiger is the number 1 baritonist in Austria. Even when playing the “Big C” his baritone horn has the same power as in the higher ranges. Sepp and his group, Juchee, are also great live performers!

  • Trumpet: Ivan Prešern

    Ivan Presern, longtime member of the Alpenoberkrainer group from Slovenia

  • Tuba: Jon Sass

    The internationally renowned tuba soloist Jon Sass is the master of the special Jazz Tuba sound.

  • Clarinet: Prof. Vito MuženicAlpine-Volksmusik_Grafik_Interface_Banner3

    His unique and emotional style are a main ingredient for the original Oberkariner Sound.
  • Guitars: Renato Verlic, Sabrina Klotz

    Two beautiful guitars, featuring picking & authentic volksmusik chords.
  • Voice: Freddy Pfister

    Original sound bites in Zillertaler dialect,
    incl. Yodelling! 



In addition to the great musicians, the library features 14 more instruments with unique articulations,
ready to lift your music into the alps!


Solo Trumpet Long / Marcato / Staccato
Trumpet ensemble Sustain
Clarient Long / Soft long
Baritone Horn Marcato / Staccato
Bass Trombone Staccato / Soft Staccato / Marcato / Long
Guitar Picking Picking long / Alternative single strum
Guitar Chords Major / Minor / 7th / Dim / Open
Nylon Guitar Bass Picking long / Picking short
Nylon Guitar Chords Major / Minor / 7th / Dim
Tuba Staccato / Marcato long
Accordions Register: Piccolo / Musette / Violin / Basson
Alpenschellen (Alpin Bells) Sustain
Drums (All) Various Drum sounds & claps
Drumkit Full Drumkit
Dulcimer Sustain
Zillertaler Geige (Fiddle) Long / Marcato
Steirische A – D
(diatonic button accordions)
Synthbass (CS01 & DX100) Sustain
Walzer Bass Sustain
Voice FX vocal phrases / yodelling



The interface of the Alpine Volksmusik Library provides an easy way to customize
the sound of the instruments. In addition to the standard controls volume, pan, and reverb,
each instrument / patch has its own parameters,
incl. some special features like Legato, Filters, Delay-FX and more.


In cooperation with V3SOUND



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Flag DEspaceSound Bytes Magazine 03/2016

Sound Bytes Logo


In General

I know I mentioned a few less than favorable things during the review, but still there is more than enough quality material that can liven up this genre. Actually, count this investment as buying some essential instruments for this specific genre that cannot be found anywhere else. At least those instruments are on such a solid level that with some third party solo instruments, you could easily recreate an Alpine Volksmusik arrangement that will be far away from some general MIDI recreations, sounding as authentic and realistic as sampled music today can sound.

As I’ve made clear, I’m not big fan of such music, but last week while driving my car and listening to local radio, I thought that some songs are not so complicated and could easily be recreated with virtual instruments. All you need is one good clarinet or flute (thanks Chris Hein for those), a good accordion, Bass Trombone, Staccato Tuba, Bass guitar and some acoustic guitar chords along with a good drum kit – all presented in this library. I don’t know … maybe, maybe … actually, never say never.

By A. Arsov, March 2016

Full review for Alpine Volksmusik at Sound Bytes

Flag DEspaceBonedo 03/2016

Bonedo 3,5


„Alpine Volksmusik‟ punktet mit genretypischen Instrumenten in guter Qualität. Die Patches klingen hochwertig und lassen sich per Key-Switches authentisch spielen. Die Bedienung ist übersichtlich, bei nur sieben Parametern allerdings auch kein großes Kunststück.
Alexander Eberz

ganzer Test für Alpine Volksmusik bei Bonedo

Flag DEspaceProfessional Audio Magazin 04/2016

PAM Test

"Best Service belegt mit Alpine Volksmusik eine bislang sträflich vernachlässigte Nische, die endlich mit Leben gefüllt wird und von der wir uns alsbald mehr wünschen"

Kompletter Test in der Printausgabe des Professional Audio Magazins 04/2016

Flag DEspaceBuenas Ideas 04/2016

Buenas Ideas logo


Das Ziel, ein vor Livepublikum brauchbares akustisches Playback zu produzieren kann man mit dem Plugin Alpine Volksmusik erreichen. Man ist damit nicht so flexibel, wie mit einem an das Alleinunterhalter-Keyboard angeschlossenen Soundmodul, das man immer noch in der Geschwindigkeit anpassen oder Spuren ein- oder ausblenden kann. Mit entsprechender Vorbereitung und abspeichern von Alternativen lässt sich auch das halbwegs ausgleichen.

Für die Studioproduktion des nächsten Volksmusik-Hits reicht die Klangqualität und die Flexibilität der Instrumente wohl nicht aus. Je nach Stück, mit einem guten Toningenieur an der Hand vielleicht aber schon. Wenn man die hier gebotene Qualität, was die Anzahl der Artikulationen und die des Klangs an sich betrifft steigern will gibt es im mittleren Preisbereich bei Blasinstrumenten nicht so viele Alternativen. Solo-Bläser leiden ja schon immer unter dem Problem, dass sie mit traditionellen Methoden des Samplings nicht angemessen expressiv und natürlich wiederzugeben sind, sondern immer etwas zu steif und unflexibel erscheinen.
Wirklich einen großen Schritt weiter gekommen sind abseits der Solo-Bläser der großen und teuren klassischen Orchesterbibliotheken, deren grundsätzlicher Klang und Dynamik hier eher nicht passt in meiner Wahrnehmung nur zwei Firmen: Sample Modeling und Wallander Instruments. Sie schaffen es aber nur mit semi-physikalischem Modeling oder bei Wallander mit reinem physikalischen Modeling sehr Ausdrucksstarke und differenziert spielbare Instrumente zu programmieren. Das hat aber seinen Preis, alle fünf Blasinstrumente würden von diesen Firmen zusammen ca. 1500 Euro kosten. Dazu käme noch ein Dulcimer, ein Akkordeon usw.

Angesichts dessen ist Alpine Volksmusik eine genau auf das Einsatzgebiet zugeschnittene verhältnismäßig günstige Instrumentensammlung, die ihren Zweck innerhalb der gegebenen Grenzen gut erfüllt.

+ Erste Instrumentensammlung, die auf die Produktion von Volksmusik abgestimmt ist.

+ Übersichtliche Bedienung

+ Braucht verhältnismäßig wenig Speicherplatz und RAM

– Wenige Artikulationen

– Die Artikulationen sind teils etwas unterschiedlich in der Lautstärke

– Einstellmöglichkeiten der Klänge für heutige Standards eher rudimentär


ganzer Test für Alpine Volksmusik bei Buenas Ideas

Flag DEspaceOKEY Magazin 07/2016

okey logo


Die Qualität der Instrumente ist durch die Bank weg hervorragend.


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The following reviews have been placed by customers who also bought this product from us. All reviews are provided through eKomi, Europe’s largest independent customer review company.

Language: englisch
5.0 of 5

simply the best library for folk/bavarian music. Very rare samples I'll find only in this package

Language: englisch
5.0 of 5

Wow! Finally a sample library for those that love Slovenian/Oberkrain music! Bravo! Na Zdravje! Prosit! Can't wait to dig in and see what these sounds can do. Suggestion: When will there be a Croatian Tamburitza sample library?

Sprache: deutsch
5.0 of 5

Ich verwende das Produkt für Vorproduktionen. Klanglich top und deckt alles Bereiche des volkstümlichen Schlagersounds ab. Verwendung in Cubase als Samplelibrary. Die Engine ist übersichtlich und selbsterklärend.

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Engine poweredBest Service ENGINE 2 Sample Player is included in this product!

Mac OS

  • Mac OS 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12  
  • Min. recommended: Intel Mac 2GHz, 2GB Ram
  • Interfaces: Standalone, AU, VST (64bit only) 
  • AAX Support for Pro Tools 11+


  • Windows 7, 8 and 10, 32bit & 64bit
  • Min. recommended: Intel Core 2.0GHz, 2GB Ram
  • Interfaces: Standalone, VST (32bit and 64bit)
  • AAX Support für Pro Tools 11+

for all systems

  • Internet connection for product activation required (on any computer)
  • Additional hard disc space according to the library size

The latest Engine 2 and a tutorial video can be downloaded here:

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System FAQs
System FAQs - Alpine Volksmusik

Q: How can I add a new library to Engine and activate the sounds?
A: That´s pretty easy. Have a look at our step by step tutorial video on YouTube


Q: I cannot find my library´s title in ProTools instruments?
A: First you have to open "Engine" in ProTools, then you can load the library.
Watch this short tutorial


Q: My 64 Bit Logic does not show Engine as a Plug-In after installation?
A: Engine or later is required for OSX 64 Bit support - Download HERE


online activationProduct activation:
An internet connection on any computer is required to authorize / activate the product (Challenge/Response).





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