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Best Service, founded 1986 as a pioneer in the upcoming sampling market is a Munich based Company, committed to providing the best virtual instruments and sound library experience possible, covering an exceptional range of inspiring tools for musicians.

Massive Hybrid Twin to "The Orchestra"
Elysion Crossgrade
For owners of "The Orchestra" or "Strings of Winter"
The Orchestra Complete
The next big step of making orchestral music intuitive
The Orchestra Complete Upgrade
Upgrade for registered users of "The Orchestra"
The Orchestra Complete Crossgrade
Crossgrade for registered users of TO - Strings Of Winter
TO - Strings of Winter
An icy blast of new sounds
Dark ERA
Collection of instruments from the Dark Ages
Chris Hein Orchestra Complete
Complete collection of Chris Hein´s Orchestra Instruments
Chris Hein Orchestral Brass EXtended
Collection of 12 Orchestral Brass Instruments & 9 Ensembles
Halls of Fame 3 - Complete Edition
13 legendary hardware reverbs of the last 50 years
Celtic ERA
The authentic Sound of Celtic Myths
Chris Hein Ensemble Strings
Designed Ensemble Strings Library
Accordions 2
The biggest virtual Accordion collection available
The Orchestra
The power of a full orchestra at your fingertips
Ancient ERA Persia
Soundcollection from forgotten places of the middle east
Chris Hein Solo Violin EXtended
Four fantastic sounding Solo Violin Instruments
Ethno World 6 Complete
Ethnic instruments and voices from all over the world
Chris Hein Solo ContraBass EXtended
Three comprehensive Solo Contrabasses!
Era II Vocal Codex
Eduardo Tarilonte Vocal Codex – Voices of the past
Chris Hein Solo Cello EXtended
Four fantastic sounding Solo Cello instruments
Chris Hein Solo Strings Complete
Collection of 14 virtual Solo Strings by Chris Hein
Chris Hein Solo Viola EXtended
Quite simply the best virtual Viola ever created
ERA II  Medieval Legends
A huge set of historical instruments
Emotional Viola
The most expressive and detailed virtual viola available
Emotional Viola Crossgrade
Crossgrade for owners of Emotional Violin/Cello