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EASTWEST produces highest quality virtual instruments. With clientele that spans the who's who of the music, film, television, games, multimedia and performing arts, EASTWEST has led the industry for more than 25 years and provides professionals with the best music creation tools available.

Hollywood Orchestra Diamond
Diamond Bundle HW Strings, Brass, Winds and Percussion
Hollywood Orchestra Gold
GOLD Bundle HW Strings, Brass, Winds and Percussion
Innovative sounds and sound design by Steven Wilson
Hollywood Backup Singers
Vocals from Legendary Singers
Voices Bundle
The Ultimative Vocals Bundle by East West
Hollywood Pop Brass
Tight, bombastic, and dynamic Brass Section
Voices of Opera
Must-have collection to add vocal magic to your project
QL Pianos Platinum Bosendorfer 290
A detailed sampled Bosendorfer 290 Concert Grand
QL Pianos Gold Bosendorfer 290
A detailed sampled Bosendorfer 290 Concert Grand
Voices of Soul
Powerhouse Vocal Instrument
Hollywood Choirs + Voices of the Empire Bundle Gold
Blockbuster Choir & Cinematic Vocal Instrument
QL Spaces II
Sequel to the Ultimate 24-bit true stereo convolution reverb
QL Voices Of The Empire
A cinematic and ethnic vocal tour de force
Hollywood Choirs Diamond
Powerful Blockbuster Choir
Hollywood Choirs Gold
Powerful Blockbuster Choir - Gold Edition
MGS Vol.1 Orchestra
Symphonic Orchestra Instruments redesigned for MIDI Guitars
MGS Vol.2 Ethnic and Voices
Virtual Instruments & Voices designed for MIDI Guitars
MGS Vol.3 Soundscapes
Virtual Instrument collection designed for MIDI Guitars
MGS Vol.4 Guitar and Bass
94 Guitar & Bass Models designed for Fishman TriplePlay
MGS Vol.5 Keyboards and Percussion
Instruments designed for Fishman TriplePlay
Hollywood Solo Violin Gold
Solo Violin virtual instrument
Hollywood Solo Cello Gold
Solo Cello virtual instrument
Hollywood Solo Harp Gold
Solo Harp virtual instrument
QL Symphonic Choirs Gold
Gold Edition of the Symphonic Choirs by East West
Hollywood Solo Series Diamond
Diamond Collection of East West´s Harp, Cello and Violin