Avenger 2
release date: 24.11.2023

Avenger 2

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Avenger - The last synth you will ever need

VPS Avenger Version 2.0 marks a significant milestone in synthesizer evolution after over four years of development. The update introduces a range of groundbreaking features and a redesigned GUI. Notable additions include a Spectral Granular module, a new drum loop module, ratchets for ARPs, parallel filtering, a pitch quantizer, and ARP randomizer for modular system-like random melody generation. The update also brings improved performance with smooth 60fps, enhanced stability, better CPU usage, and faster loading times.


  • Innovative Sound Manipulation: Introducing the Spectral Granular module for an unparalleled level of sound manipulation.

  • Expanded Drum Capabilities: A new drum loop module, accompanied by a library of 1500 fresh drum loops.

  • Dynamic ARP Patterns: Incorporating ratchets for ARPs, facilitating intricate and dynamic pattern creation.

  • Precision in Sound Sculpting: Parallel filtering for achieving more precise sound sculpting.

  • Modular-Style Melody Generation: A new pitch quantizer and ARP randomizer empower modular-style, random melody generation.

  • Creative Sonic Exploration: Explore a diverse range of innovative creative effects and reverbs to expand your sonic possibilities.

  • And Much More: Numerous additional features to enhance your overall experience!

Avenger 2 GUI

Sound Generator Modules

  • Spectral Module: Smooth FFT-based timefreezes, 7 algorithms, spectral expander for FFT frequencies

  • Single Loop Module: Matches tempo automatically with any single WAV loop

  • Drumloop Module: Zplane timestretch algorithms for loop playback, overhauled drum browser, bit/rate reducer FX, pitch envelope.

  • Quantizer Module: Eurorack-style auto-pitching to scales, randomized melodies, various trigger modes, pitch glide, patterns


  • Randomizer Module: Randomizes arp parameters with different scales, "Auto dice" for a new random arp on every pattern end

  • Ratchet Feature: Subdivides arp notes, sets velocity and pitch, export arp patterns as MIDI files.


  • Q4ntum: Complex multitap delay with 20 effects

  • BitBite: Raw bit destroyer with feedback and drive

  • RutaVerb: 5 huge reverbs, "Shimmer" feature

  • Envelope Follower: Extracts real-time automation data

  • Filter Parallel Routing Feature: Free configuration of filters


  • "Factory 2" Sound Library: 250 modern presets, samples, wavetables, shapes, and 3000 drumloops

  • GUI Overhaul: Fully overhauled by Mikael Eidenberg

  • Compatibility: Downwards compatible, 1 tab, 3 more macro tabs

  • Presets: Tons of presets, impulse response library

Fixes and Optimizations

  • Performance Improvements: Higher framerate, faster preset load, better CPU consumption

  • Monitoring: CPU% monitor with display options

  • General:  Dozens of minor fixes and changes

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5.0 of 5  
12.04.2024 Language: englisch

This vst is a monster. It can do just about everything. The presets and samples are EXCELLENT and professionally designed.My only complaints are:1) it’s is HEAVY on your RAM. I was running 32gigs and saw a 28% consumption spike (per instance) So if you’re thinking about running multiple instances upgrade your RAM. I am now running 64gigs with no issues2) Why not release it as a standalone as well?? Maybe a future update will address this. Running this beautiful ** without a DAW live would nice



  • macOS 10.13or higher
  • 64 bit
  • Apple Silicon compatible
  • 2.8GHz
  • RAM: 8GB


  • Windows 7-11
  • 64 bit
  • Intel Core 
  • 2.8 GHz
  • RAM: 8GB
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