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Cinematique Instruments 2

Cinematique Instruments 2

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Cinematique Instruments II

Since 2010 we all know and love Cinematique Instruments for their unique virtual instruments, firing up our creativity, inspiration and individuality.

Cinematique Instruments Vol.2 contains fascinating, new stringed instruments like a Banjo, Bowed Guitars, bowed acoustic guitars and basses, German Monochord, a wood box with 25 identically tuned strings. The Guitar Harmonics section offers a complete section of flageolet sounds from different acoustic guitars and basses. Also aboard are a Double Bass Harmonica, a Huge Tuning Fork, an Alto Glockenspiel and the new Experimental Box 2, a new edition of experimental sounds, recorded in a blacksmith’s workshop and a cellar crammed with old tools.

Don’t think we forgot the creative sound tools with weird names like Cement, Clap Trak, Geiger Counter, Jetlag and Chameleon in Vol. 2. These special rhythm add-ons, sequencers, multilayered sampler and pattern generators use Best Service Engine's step sequencer and arpeggiator to inspire. Last but not least there is a selection of fine synth sounds named Sägezahn, an Upright Piano and a revamped Zeitter & Winkelmann piano.

The first release of Cinematique Instruments Vol. 1 in 2010 already got plenty of attention and kudos from musicians around the world, for instruments like Autoharp, Bowed Psaltery, Kantele or the Experimental Box. With the release of Vol. 2, Cinematique Instruments is consequently following the path of Vol.1 but with steadily improving sound quality, adding deep sampling and enhanced editing possibilities.

With this exclusive and unique collection of new instruments, Cinematique Instruments makes it very clear that they are closer than ever to creating the most modern and inspiring instruments collection for your compositions, making Vol. 2 the perfect complement for your existing Vol. 1.

All 16 instruments

  • Alto Glockenspiel
  • Banjo
  • Bass Harmonica
  • Bowed Guitar (and Bass)
  • Cement
  • Chameleon (6 variations)
  • Clap Trak
  • Drumboxes (2 variations)
  • Experimental Box 2
  • Geiger Counter
  • German Monochord
  • Guitar Harmonics
  • Jetlag
  • Huge Tuning Fork
  • Saegezahn
  • Upright Piano

Cinematique Instruments 2 GUI

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Excerpt: Are you aware how many independent movies are made every year? All those movies also need a soundtrack and this library is simply a missing link between real instruments and the highly processed artificial ones. It is up to you. It is a good library, but definitively not a typical one...

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Fern ab vom Mainstream erhält man mit Cinematique Instruments 2 eine feine Sammlung an erfrischend neu und unverbraucht klingenden Sounds, die sich nicht nur im Filmbereich gewinnbringend einsetzen lassen. Die Klangqualität ist hervorragend, die Instrumente lassen sich in den meisten Fällen sehr dynamisch und ausdrucksstark spielen. Selten hat man das Gefühl nur mit Samples zu arbeiten und bei fast allen Instrumenten setzt spontan die Inspiration ein.

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Fazit: Mit Cinematique Instruments 2 erhalten Sie eine erlesene Kollektion expressiver Kreativwerkzeuge mit edlem und unverbrauchtem Klang, die auch langfristig zu fesseln weiß. Dass es schwerfällt, unter den durchweg erstklassigen und inspirierenden Instrumenten Favoriten hervorzuheben, spricht für die Vielseitigkeit der Bibliothek. Ein weiterer großer Wurf des Herstellers

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Dürbeck & Dohmen, le duo de Cologne à l’origine de la collection, est investi dans la musique de film/docus/théâtre/pub depuis 12 ans. Autant dire qu’ils savent de quoi ils parlent!
Chaque instrument possède sa propre interface dans le Quick Edit de player et dispose suivant le cas, d’un réglage de réverbe, de coloration d’ampli (Amped), de loudness ou d’un effet Rotary. La molette de modulation peut renforcer la dynamique de la sonorité et des keyswitchs modifient les layers pour la durée et le relâchement des notes… Bref, que de l’original, de l’inattendu… et avé le son s’il vous plaît!

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Not every one is a hit, but there's still an abundance of original, intriguing and well-produced patches.

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Conclusion :
Pour une grande partie, les instruments et la possibilité de
les faire sonner différemment, reste indéniable. Si vous êtes
un compositeur qui a envie de pimenter son track, pour sùr,
cette banque est faite pour vous. La qualité, l'originalité et le choix des instruments (rares pour certains), ''Cinematique
Instruments 2'' va largement satisfaire votre attente. Côté prix, c'est vrai que 199€ peut être perçu comme élevé, j'en
suis le premier conscient, mais il faut mettre de l'autre côté de la balance, tous ces instruments qui vont donner une
saveur unique à vos productions.



The following reviews have been placed by customers who also bought this product from us. All reviews are provided through eKomi, Europe’s largest independent customer review company.

4.0 of 5  
11.01.2016 Language: englisch

Although Cinematique Instruments 2 is similar to the first one, it takes the second place of the two. The instrument selection isn't as interesting as in the first library and I think there are fewer presets overall even though I haven't actually counted them. I feel like the electronic instruments in a sample library are "cheap" and you would rather use synthesizers to generate those sounds. The sound quality, however, is great, once again and for that I can forgive the occasional random instrument in this collection that may end up never being used in my mixes. For me it's quality over quantity and this sound library has it.

5.0 of 5  
01.01.2016 Sprache: deutsch

Vielleicht nicht immer sofort anwendbar, aber eine Bereicherung für jede cinematic Kollektion

4.0 of 5  
29.12.2014 Sprache: deutsch

Was die Jungs da machen ist sehr fein. Eigentlich ganz gewöhnliche Instrumente,aber alle mit einem speziellen Sound und einem gewissen Understatement. Feines Zeug.


Music Radar Rating

Music Radar 4 stars

BEAT Empfehlung

BEAT Empfehlung der Redaktion

Recording.de, Redaktionstipp
Recording.de, Redaktionstipp


Engine poweredBest Service ENGINE 2 Sample Player is included with this product!


  • macOS 10.14 - macOS 14
  • 64 bit
  • Apple Silicon (support via Rosetta 2)
  • Intel Mac
  • 2GHz
  • RAM: 2GB


  • Windows 8-11
  • 32 bit & 64 bit
  • Intel Core processor
  • 2GHz
  • RAM: 2GB 

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