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Dark Cinematic Ambiences Bundle

Dark Cinematic Ambiences Bundle


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Dark Cinematic Ambiences Bundle contains 4 Sound Libraries:

  • Abandoned Labs - Dark Cinematic Samples - A vast collection of atmospheres and soundscapes, dark textures and deep ambiences, metal textures, cinematic hits and eerie sound effects. This royalty free selection features 1.3Gb of high quality sounds ready to be injected in your commercial productions.

  • Dark Movies - Ghostly Ambiences & Sound Effects - Features over 780 MB of dark cinematic elements, designed atmospheres, disturbing drones, terrific evolving textures, industrial background ambiences and impacts. These sound design elements in WAV format have been created specifically for film / TV composers and game music composers.

  • Eerie Ambiences & Sound Effects - Contains 240 dark ambiences, impressive drama sound effects and also comes with some of the best disturbing textured and perfectly recorded organic sounds you never heard. This sound library contains perfect SFX elements and atmospheres for producers who make Cinematic, atmospheric styles of music for TV and Video Game.

  • Scary Ambiences and Sound Effects - Produced by Bluezone features over 1,20 GB of dark drones, spooky ambiences, chaotic impacts, screaming sounds, dark soundscapes and more. This sound library features a selection of 202 WAV samples perfect for cinematic and modern music productions, video game backgrounds, Ambient and Experimental musical projects, Trailers and more.

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This Multi Format Library (included format(s) listed in product description) does not include any playback software. A suitable software is required to load and play the sounds included with this product.


For your own protection this library is provided as individual personalized files including a Digital Water Mark - DWM!