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Medieval Life - Designed Kit

Medieval Life - Designed Kit

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Authentic SFX, ambiences and textures from middle ages

Ever struggled to find unobtrusive sounds without any traffic noise to create historic backgrounds? Well we did, so we decided to create a library to address that.

Medieval Life Designed

Authentic and believable, yet quick and efficient 

  • This collection is an incredible high-quality time-saver that you’ll never want to miss again. Creating rich and vivid medieval background sound atmos like a market place or an encampment can be really time consuming as you have to find and include numerous different sound sources and place them within your stereo or surround environment

  • What if you could just drag and drop completely pre-designed medieval background ambiences right into your project?

Highly versatile, production ready environments

  • This is where Medieval Life Designed starts to save you precious time. You’ll get 50+ ready-to-use, completely pre-designed medieval places like campsites, construction sites, farmyards, courtyards and market places

  • All of them in different sizes, multiple variations and long enough to loop them without sounding repetitive

  • What, you have a surround environment? We got you covered. All sounds come in stereo and 5.0 surround.

Overwhelming inspiration

  • The Middle Ages is one of these eras that can give our imagination wings like no other. With this collection you can achieve this. Just drag and drop the Medieval Life - Designed sounds in your project and let everybody feel the vivid atmosphere of the dark age.

Included Sounds - Keywords

medieval, action, barrow, wooden, wheeler, rattle, metal, chains, doors, animals, cows, gos, ducks, gooses, horses, pigs, swords, knifes, iron, hammering, hitting, clashing, craft, stones, bricks, city, backstreet, mumbling, farmyard, chickens, cockerel, marketplace, talking, camping, ambient, shouting, farmhouses, working, historical, backgrounds, dark age, markets, life, places, atmos, courtyards, middle ages, atmosphere

1500+ ROYALTY-FREE SOUND FX • 410+ WAV FILES • 96kHz/24bit • 31.1GB

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