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1.1 Rev.1 Update for Altus, Cantus and Mystica

Mystica Cantus Altus Update 1.1 rev 1

The update 1.1 Rev.1 restores the Keyswitch compatibility to the original version and corrects some features of the NKS integration. In addition, several bugs have been fixed to improve performance.

New Feature: Manual Vowels

If the "Auto Vowel" function is switched off, the "Manual Vowels" will appear below the keyswitches. Using these keyswitches it is now possible to change the real-legato vowel during playing, independent of the previously played word. You can control the Manual Vowels directly via the keyswitches, as well as via your NKS capable hardware.

manual vowels feature in Altus, Cantus and Mystica

You can download the update to version 1.1 Rev.1 from our public download page.

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