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Baby Audio Atoms

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Atoms is a software plugin that lets you create a wide range of unique sounds using advanced technology called physical modeling. Despite its complexity, Atoms is designed to be easy to use, allowing you to shape and manipulate sounds effortlessly.

Imagine Atoms as a living organism, constantly evolving and changing like natural phenomena. It uses a sophisticated system of interconnected masses and springs, which you can adjust to create different vibrations and tones. This gives your sounds an organic feel, similar to acoustic instruments.

Program new patches with one click

One of the coolest features of Atoms is its ability to generate new sounds with just a click. It has a built-in randomization engine that can create usable presets on the fly. Plus, there's a recycle button that generates similar sounds to the one you're currently working with, so you can explore variations easily.

Atoms also offers a range of effects to further enhance your sounds. These effects are integrated into the physical model itself, giving you natural and unique modulation options.

Features Overview

  • Generates diverse organic and otherworldly sounds
  • Easy to use, yet offers extensive sound manipulation
  • Mimics natural instrument fluctuations for realism
  • Six parameters can be automated for evolving soundscapes
  • Instantly creates usable presets for inspiration
  • Generates similar patches for exploring variations
  • Integrated effects offer natural modulation options
  • Four profiles provide different sound structures
  • 250 presets plus a free "Radioactive" expansion pack

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