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Chris Hein Solo Strings EX Update Released!

CH Solo Strings extended

This Update makes Chris Hein Solo Strings EX the most comprehensive collection of virtual solo string instruments you can buy in one package.

Version EXtended 2.0 brings you up to eight additional Solo Instruments.
Eight additional handpicked instruments, all with a unique sound and played by professional studio musicians have been recorded with great care and detail. Their virtual counterparts have been further optimized for playability and performance (EX instruments), thus saving your computer resources and still granting you access to all required articulations for authentic performances.

The Update to EXtended v2.0 is available for free for all* registered users and can be downloaded in your customer account - simply

* CH - Solo Violin: only v1.2 owners (2 Violins) are eligibly for the free Update! Registered v1.0/1.1 users (1 Violin only) can order the update to v2.0 HERE

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