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Dreamtonics Synthesizer V

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A cumulation of years of AI research, signal processing, and an unwavering passion for music has led to Synthesizer V. This pioneering synthesizer faithfully replicates the nuances of the human singing voice.

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With access to customizable, realistic vocals at your fingertips, you can bring your idea to life. Behind the scenes, Synthesizer V leverages a deep neural network-based synthesis engine capable of generating incredibly life-like singing voices. Unlike other solutions that utilize neural networks, this first-of-its-kind synthesizer is 100% offline yet runs at lightning-fast speeds.

Synthesizer V AI voices are available natively in English, Japanese and Chinese. It's easy to create clean vocal tracks for any demo. Simply import a MIDI file into Synthesizer V Studio and enter the lyrics. You can also simply enter a melody via your MIDI keyboard.

All of the voice databases are officially licensed and have been recorded by professional musicians. Type in your lyrics and notes and let the synthesizer sing. With Synthesizer V you get the perfect tool to realize your musical ideas.

Dreamtonics Synthesizer V - Key Features:

  • Realistic Vocal Reproduction: Captures human singing nuances with deep neural networks
  • Customizable Voices: Dynamic vocal modes like chest, belt, and breathy for expressive flexibility
  • Live Rendering: Real-time waveform visualization for efficient editing
  • Cross-Lingual Synthesis: Supports English, Japanese, and Chinese for versatile compositions
  • Professional Integration: MIDI import, real-time melody input, and VST3/AudioUnit compatibility

Synthesizer V is available in two versions: Bundle 1 includes three virtual voices while Bundle 2 offers six virtual voices. Both products are now available at Best Service. Enhance your music production capabilities and explore Synthesizer V today!

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