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EastWest 36th Anniversary

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Discover the epic celebrations: EastWest Sounds unveil phenomenal promos for their 36th Anniversary!

This the perfect chance to add premium virtual instruments to your sonic arsenal!

EastWest Sounds is offering up to 60 percent off award-winning products.

But that's not all! The company has just released an RPG expansion pack for Fantasy Orchestrator with over 76 presets which is free for all ComposerCloud subscribers and Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra owners.

Make sure you upgrade to the latest version of Opus and Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator to gain access to the new RPG presets, which will be in the Scores folder in Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator.

See the Walkthrough-Video here!

The brand-new 76 presets were designed to give you an RPG video game essentials kit, although they're also going to be ideal for film and television as well.

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